Gas Prices, You and God

I was filling up the tank with gas today, $35 for 11 gallons or whatever, I wasn’t really paying attention because there was an elderly lady next to me who couldn’t get the pump to work. So I got it working for her, she didn’t push the button, which she never thanked me for, the older generation just doesn’t know respect. She then proceeded to whine to me about gas prices and “What really makes me mad is how the big oil companies are making all this money.”

“Well actually, if big oil companies didn’t make money you wouldn’t be getting any gas right now” I didn’t say to her. One thing I’ve learned in life is never argue with a woman with grey hair. You’ll never win and they probably can’t hear you anyway.

So anyhow, I already know that I’m going to hear people say that they would have been to church but “gas is so expensive.” I’m already gearing up for it. Please. Whatever. The amount of money we pay for so many other things pales in comparison to what we pay for stupid gas.

I also have a feeling that when we stand before the Lord and He asks us what we did with what He gave us and we reply, “well I would have done more but gas was so expensive” I’m guessing we may not get a nice response. Grow up. Adjust. Support oil drilling in Alaska. Ride a bike. But most importantly, SHUT UP!

Stupid Comments

I have changed the settings of my blog and now only registered blogger people can leave comments. IF you are a non-registered member then you’ll have to send me an email, which I will spell out so that email spammers can’t find it jcweddle1 at you know what I mean.

Anyway, sorry about that but morons ruin it for everyone. You’ll adjust.

I’m Comin With You

We drove down to see the folks the past couple days. On the way down our 5-year old and 4-year old girls were very excited because their school was starting soon and now they were going to see the grandparents. Our 2-year old boy was just following their lead.

It was loud. Happy generally, but loud, with occasional shrieks of joy that set a parent’s spine on edge. We pulled off the highway to get some gas. The kids were going nuts in the car. It was loud. As we pulled back on to the tollway I saw a guy sitting on his backpack with his thumb extended.

“Oh yeah right, like he’d really want to ride with us.” I said to my wife. “Wait, pull the car over.” We pulled over and backed up to him. He jumped up expectantly and then stopped as he saw me get my bag, set it down next to him, and sit down with my thumb extended. “I’m coming with you pal.” I said.

OK, no, I really didn’t do that. But boy, it sure gave me something to think about until my right hand of judgment had to make another move toward the back seat.

Pope Knows Best

The pope has a big job, lots of bulls to write and so forth. He also has a lot of issues he needs to address to help “his people.” Here’s his latest. The pope wants Catholics to have more babies for the “good of society.”

“Having children is a gift that brings life and well-being to society.” The pope also spoke of “the security, the stability and the force of a numerous family.”

Spoken like someone who has no kids. I’ll act on it as soon as he does.

Psalm 36:7

How priceless is your unfailing love!
Both high and low among men
find refuge in the shadow of your wings.

You can’t go on and talk about all that without reverting back to God’s love and what do you know, that’s exactly what the psalmist does.

It doesn’t matter who you are as a person, God loves you. He wants you to come to Him. Whether you are esteemed by others or rejected by others, or a little bit of both, God is always there for us to find refuge.

Amazing love. It’s beyond price. God’s love is infinitely valuable and makes all the other attributes work together and emphasizes the greatness of everything that God is. The goofy thing is that people don’t want to find refuge! “What do we have to fear? Refuge from what?”

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!
Matthew 23:37

Psalm 36:6

Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains,
your justice like the great deep.
O LORD, you preserve both man and beast.

God’s love and faithfulness are huge but these aren’t the only aspects of God He wants us to know. He also wants us to know His righteousness. Righteousness is the stuff that is right. Everything God does and is is righteous. It’s this righteousness that lays the foundation for His justice. If He weren’t right all the time He wouldn’t be able to judge righteous judgment; He would be faulty, capable of making mistakes.

Mountains are big. They don’t move. They last for a long time. God’s righteousness is just like that. It’s impressive, majestic and tough to climb–we could never attain God‘s righteous standard.

It only makes sense that justice is the next thing the psalmist speaks of. God’s ability to pass a verdict is like the deep. Dark, cold and wet? Um, sort of. Since we can’t attain the lofty heights of God’s righteousness, you’ll never be able to comprehend the depths of His justice. If you aren’t as right as He is His judgments may not make sense to you. But that’s our problem not His!

Even though God is righteous and can pass judgment, you can’t forget His love which underlies the whole thing. He shows mercy to man and beast. People and animals are all under the heavens, all under the canopy of God’s love. Therefore, even though we’ve messed up the whole joint with our sin, God preserves us. Romans 8 talks about the whole creation groaning. The animals are waiting for people to get their act together!