Life Stinks

One of the blessings of being a pastor is getting to know people and this increases joy. At the same time, getting to know people is a curse as you suffer with them.

Scripture talks about bearing your burden and allowing Christ to help you so you can help others bear theirs. People have burdens. When you get to know people you get to know their burdens.

It’s so sad what happens in life. It beats you down and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. You sit and watch. You watch and pray.

The easy answer is to deceive ourselves and pretend everything is happy. And, when reality crushes that, we get busy trying to distract ourselves. If you are always telling people you are “busy,” your life is not being lived right.

“The feeling of being hurried is not usually the result of living a full life and having no time. It is on the contrary born of a vague fear that we are wasting our life. When we do not do the one thing we ought to do, we have no time for anything else—we are the busiest people in the world.” So says Eric Hoffer, who was a wise man.

Life stinks. Romans 8 says we groan and suffer in this life waiting for the adoption of our bodies. Christ endured the cross for the joy set before Him. We endure life for Christ’s joy, not fully realized until later.

We’re not here for ourselves. We’re not here to make ourselves happy. We’re not here to be busy. We’re here for others. To love one another, because you’re dying and dying people want to be loved.

If It Sounds Like A Duck

Mel Gibson thinks Michael Richards is a fine fellow and he can sympathize with him for his racial tirade.

“I felt like sending Michael Richards a note,” Gibson says in an interview in Entertainment Weekly’s Dec. 8 issue. “I feel really badly for the guy. He was obviously in a state of stress. You don’t need to be inebriated to be bent out of shape. But my heart went out to the guy.”

The 50-year-old actor-director added: “They’ll probably torture him for a while and then let him go. I like him.”

I suppose that is very Christ-like of Mel, except for the anti-semitism bit anyway.

Jesus Ran Stairs

Sylvester Stallone is coming out with yet another Rocky movie. I don’t know if this was an effort to attract the Christian moviegoer, but Stallone now admits that his character is based on Jesus Christ.

And he has now revealed the reasoning behind the film’s opening shot of a painting of Jesus Christ looking down at Rocky fighting in a gym. The 60-year-old says, “It’s like he was being chosen. “If you look to God, you can overcome your past.”

Sounds a little fishy to me but I’ll take his word for it.

By they way Jesus II will be much better than Jesus I.

Children’s Prayers

I’ve been putting small children to bed for about 7 years now. My wife or I usually pray for them but they will occasionally venture into the praying pond to get their feet wet. Each of my children start their prayers the same way.

I can’t figure out why they start this way. Neither my wife nor I start this way. They were never really listening to each other much when the other ones would pray. But each of them starts their bedtime prayers with

“Thank you for God.”

That always cracked me up. Thank you for God. But when I think on it, that’s not a bad thing to say by any stretch. In fact, it’s a downright wonderful thing to pray.

Most of the rest of what is prayed escapes me. My two youngest children both have speech impediments and I have no idea what they are saying. Groanings which cannot be uttered.

But they all say with crystal clear clarity, “Thank you for God.” And, indeed, we are all thankful for God. The prayers of little children are more than likely His favorites.

Tis The Season Part 3

The UK is close to banning all office Christmas parties for two main reasons.

1) To not give offence to non-Christians–employees can display Christmas decorations as long as they are secular and not overtly religious.

2) Many bosses have been or may be in the position to be sued and or legally responsible for the actions and injuries of inebriated employees after such parties.

Companies “have a “duty of care” to inebriated staff, and that they could end up on the wrong side of the law if they don’t make sure that those employees get home safely, or if their employees get hurt while stumbling out of the party drunk, falling over in the street, or getting knocked down, reports the Daily Mail.”

Yup. Boycott the UK. No wonder we rebelled. Everyone has the right to injure themselves while inebriated while celebrating an overtly religious holiday in public.

Tis The Season Part 2

Urban Outfitters is selling a Christmas ornament this year that is drawing criticism. The ornament is a glittering gun that is less that 5 inches in length. The store has sold out most of them.

The product description says “bust a cap in your tree with this glittery ornament.”

“I don’t like guns. I don’t like weapons of any sort, and they don’t belong in the tree or in my house,” Ethel Robinson said.

Ethel, and other people like her, are now boycotting Urban Outfitters. I’ve been boycotting Urban Outfitters for some time now. Can’t say I’ve ever been in one.

Tis The Season

It’s that time of year again, time for all Christians to get in a tizzy about the “persecution” they are enduring because they have to attend “Holiday Programs” instead of “Christmas Programs.”
This stuff really annoys me, it really does. The fact that Christians really seem to care is what annoys me.

Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th. In fact, calling on my reading of Dead Little Fish, “One of the most popular religions in the Roman Empire during the first two centuries AD was the cult of Mithras, which can be traced back several centuries before Christianity. Mithras was born of a virgin on December 25th. His followers celebrated his birthday by singing hymns, ringing bells, lighting candles and giving gifts.”

The truth is that Christianity stole the holiday from the world. If they want it back, I say, “Let em have it.”

But alas, for some odd reason, God won’t allow me to run the world. So, the season of stupid Christmas outrage begins.

A Christmas celebration in Chicago has been ordered to remove advertisements for the new movie “The Nativity Story” because it’s about the birth of Christ. The city of Chicago cannot have non-Christians being offended by this (That explains why the Bears lost to the Patriots).

So, Christians are, of course, outraged. Get this one. “The last time I checked, the first six letters of Christmas still spell out Christ,” said Paul Braoudakis, spokesman for the Barrington, Ill.-based Willow Creek Association.

Oh, now I just love this one. I won’t let them get away with this. Let me take you back to last Christmas. A lovely day it was. It happened to fall on a Sunday. Remember that? Hmm, what church was it again that cancelled all services on Christmas? Hmm, let me think a minute.

Shut up all ready. My goodness. At least be consistent. You may not like my point but at least I am consistently annoying about it.