Sleeping Christians–The Point

Yesterday I did a post entitled Sleeping Christians. In it I expressed mock outrage at a toy put out by Burger King. I went to Blog Explosion and used up 20 credits to get some casual surfers to stop by and see if I got any reaction.

I did. And it proved one of the main points I was trying to illustrate.

When Christians spend their time being outraged the world thinks we have an awful lot of time on our hands. When we find sexual perversion in every cartoon or toy, the world thinks WE are the sexual perverts.

There are better things for us to be doing with our time. With all the real problems in the world, why do we try so hard to find more?

The Money Driven Church

A church in Florida recently had a meeting where local residents expressed their displeasure with the church. The church is in the process of adding a youth center and parking areas. At the same time, the church is also looking into leasing land to T-Mobile for a cell-phone tower.

Residents are also not thrilled about that.

Some residents said they worried about possible health risks from having a tower in their neighborhood. Most, though, were upset about problems with the current projects, saying they were noisy and raised clouds of dust that harmed their children. Residents also complained about the church destroying large trees.

I think it is best that churches become as obnoxious as possible. It’s yet another way to be all things to all men. But I’m not quite sure that’s what Paul had in mind.

Sleeping Christians

I’m not quite sure how hyper-sensitive Christians have missed out on this opportunity to protest something. Maybe they are all on vacation or something. Perhaps I will be the first to enlighten them to the newest threat to our children.
The other day it was approximately 127 degrees outside and my wife didn’t want to make supper so we went to the local Burger King. We got kid meals for our kids. They each got one of the Fantastic 4 promotional toys in their meals.

It was Mr. Fantastic, a superhero that can stretch. There are a few things I wish to point out about this toy.

1. the awkward pose he has.
2. purple gloves
3. purple boots
4. he’s named Mr. Fantastic.

If a teletubby is bad for our kids and turning them into flaming homosexuals, I’m not quite sure how this Burger King toy is not doing the same thing. Where is the outrage?

My Daughter

Our middle child, Elizabeth, is not the most motivated child on earth. She enjoys activities that involve sitting. Her older sister and younger brother are both crazy people who never sit still.

I’ve been trying to get Elizabeth interested in something and help her enjoy life a bit more. I thought I would work along with her sitting desires and help her do her own blog.

So now, for the enjoyment of the world, is a completely useless, uninformative but unbelievably cute blog.

Easier Catechism

Are you Catholic and stupid? Well, that is no longer a problem!

A new easier and shorter catechism has been released by the Vatican since the old one was long (691 pages) and hard to follow for some people.

The new one is only 205 pages and is made up of a series of questions and responses.

So that’s a relief. Now I’ll have something to do at the next Catholic funeral I attend.

It’s Not About Me

And, surprisingly, it wasn’t.

Max Lucado wrote another book. It’s just like all his other books. He makes great points, barely develops them but illustrates them continuously.

I really enjoy his writing and would enjoy it more if he cut out about 25% of his illustrations and took his points deeper. But if you want an easy read with some good stuff, this is the book for you.

Lucado covers some attributes of God, what we’re here for and what does that look like? Good reminders as well as some good insights into things you may not have thought about before. Not bad Max.

Pretty Stupid Eh?

A new survey by national Geographic shows that 32% of Canadian readers believe the theories put forth by The Da Vinci Code. They particularly like the idea of a bloodline still existing from Christ. 16% of Canadians have read the book and 32% of those 16% are morons, is the official result.

How can people so easily accept theories put forth in a book sold in the Fiction section and yet have so much trouble trusting the Bible?

Perhaps because we’re busy turning the Bible into a novel. Zondervan found that hardly any 18-34-year old folks were reading the Bible and they also don’t trust religion. So Zondervan decided they’d change up the Bible into a new format.

Genesis is no longer called Genesis, the book just starts with an opening chapter called “Things Started out Great.” They spice up some other sections as well.

“Now Joseph was well-built and handsome, and after a while his master’s wife took notice of Joseph and said, “Come to bed with me.”

So we got that going for us. So who’s more stupid, Canadians who believe the Da Vinci Code or Americans who turn the Bible into a novel? It’s a toss up.