Went out in my canoe today for a bit. Went down the river a piece and noticed that a beaver is trying to dam up our river. It was rather amazing. He picked a rather wide section of river to back up and I’m amazed how quickly he’s building. Not sure what we want to do about that. I guess I’ll let the people living on the river decide that, I’ll just watch what he does.

It’s fun to watch nature and try to figure out what them little critters are thinking about. It’s funny how hard humans make life in comparison. The sparrows and the lillies are better theologians than many people.

Every once in awhile you come across a story in the news which makes you cringe, it makes you embarrassed to be a Christian. A case in point.

This “Christian” couple uses their profession of faith to rip off other “Christians.” Several embarrassing aspects pointed out here:

1. People know Christians don’t pay attention.

2. People who know Christians know they can suck Christians into money-making schemes because, for some reason, many Christians are money hungry.

3. Christian companies, groups, publishers, churches, can get too focused on money and not check out where the money is coming from.

4. Someone saying they are a Christian should not guarantee for us they aren’t crooks! Claiming to be something means nothing.

5. I’ve got a driveway full of rocks I just found out have gold in them! No really, I do. You can have one for $5.

Galatians 3:29 says that if you are a believer you are an heir of Abraham. Some have used this to say that the Church is the same thing as Israel–Covenant Theology. The proper understanding is explained in chapters 3 and 4 of Galatians–we enter the relationship by faith now, not by works and keeping the law like the Jewish nation.

It is interesting to see the way God describes His promise to Abraham. When He promised the nation he said they would be as numerous as the sand and as numerous as the stars.

Some have used that illustration to explain Abraham’s earthly seed as the sand–the Nation of Israel, all Jews–and his spiritual, or heavenly seed as the stars–all believers. Kind of an interesting way to look at it me thinks.

Nancy Pelosi, Democrat in the House, (which is similar to being “in the hood” but completely different) says she will continue to ask for Communion from the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church recently said it would not serve communion to anyone who supports abortion, which Pelosi does.

Setting the abortion issue aside, consider the ramifications just on the Communion issue. If the Catholic Church offers communion, which in their take is the literal body and blood of Christ which literally gives grace just by eating and drinking, would it still do so if the Catholic Church says they don’t want you to take it? How could Pelosi benefit from taking that communion?

It also should raise larger Catholic issues–if taking communion gives grace, are they not also saying that supporting abortion could keep you from salvation? Since that is indeed what they are saying, one can see the salvation by works which the Catholic Church has always maintained no matter how they try to hide it.

I do not say these things to be a know-it-all, I say these things to cause people to think. I don’t know all the ins and outs of Catholicism, but I know enough to see its flaws. I know enough to know that Christ ate with publicans and sinners–the very ones who needed grace!

A mayor’s prayer breakfast was cancelled in Oregon because some prayers pulled out because a Muslim was not allowed to pray. Area mayors and businessmen are in a tiff over this slight and decided no prayer is better than some.

One more reason why church and state should be separated. It just makes the whole thing look foolish and silly. Let the state run the state; let the believers pray for them. That’s the way Romans 13 sees it. Let’s stick with that.

2 Corinthians 6:11-13 is an interesting passage which has passed my attention in the past apparently. Paul is telling them that he opened his heart to love them, something not real easy to do considering all the junk they were doing. He then asks them to open their hearts too.

I wonder how often we close ourselves off to people we should really still be open too? I wonder what Paul would say to our church. I’ve wondered that a lot. It’s not always bad to open ourselves up, make others feel like one of the bunch. I’d have to say our church is growing tremendously in this area and your pastor is happy about that! Many people have told me how friendly you all are.

At the same time, with this kind of statement, Paul knows he needs to add a warning, verse 14–don’t unequally yoke yourself with non-believers. There is a time and a place for everything. Times to be open, times to be closed. One would almost bet, for most people, we should be open even more.

The ever exciting Awana Grand Prix and Awards night is done for another year. What a good show. In case you were there and were hoping that maybe we could shorten up the program somehow, I asked Kasey O’Brien if he wouldn’t mind having his family skip next year. Without them there, the awards ceremony would take approximately 2 minutes. I sure hope they iced down their elbows and wrists after carrying all their loot.