One of the problems in Christian faith is our willingness to cash it in for something we can see. We take an example or verse from Scripture and turn it into our own personal plan to manipulate God. One of the areas I have heard Christians abuse is fasting.

Jesus told the disciples, who were having trouble casting out a demon, that “this kind only comes out by prayer and fasting.” I remember a guy telling me he was praying for a friend and his friend was getting worse. So he fasted to see if it was a demon, but he still kept getting worse.

A man in China is attempting to break the recently set record for fasting by going 49 days without food. He’s a Buddhist. I wonder how many of his prayers will be answered? It takes more than outward show to impress God or change His plans. Be careful not to get sucked into outward displays of a hoped for inward reality.

I just read a piece by J. C. Ryle about Matthew 8:11 “many will sit with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven.” He was making the point that when we look around it doesn’t seem like many agree with us or are on our side. But when it’s all said and done, there will be many in God’s kingdom.

It’s sort of like my observation of the Yankee game yesterday, we know the outcome but until the seventh inning, it didn’t look like it was going to happen. Revelation says that a multitude which cannot be numbered will come with Christ. Hebrews 12 says there is a great cloud of witnesses.

Although it seems as though we are outnumbered and doomed, and even though the Bible says the way is narrow and few enter–when it all comes to an end we will see just how many believed. What a comfort God’s word is in the face of reality. Some may call it wishful thinking or wearing rose colored glasses. I call it living by faith not by sight.

I was reading something about Nazi Germany and how Neville Chamberlain thought the best way to handle Hitler was to appease him. After giving in to Hitler over and over it became clear that Hitler was a really bad guy and not responding with niceness.

The US remained neutral, also appeasing Hitler, until Japan made the mistake of awakening the sleeping giant. Once force was properly applied, Germany and Japan and their evil rulers were taken care of.

Bad people are bad. They do bad things. They take advantage of what is good. Trying to deal with evil people with nice words will never work. Evil people must be met with force.

Romans 13 says the government has the responsibility to respond with the force of the sword to those who are practicing evil. All we need do is look to God for a good example of this mindset. When God meets totally evil people, where few, if any, righteous ones can be found–God wipes them out.

During this age of grace, God seems to be taking a back seat when it comes to intervening in our world affairs. Does it seem like sin is increasing or decreasing? Exactly. When this age of grace ends, is God going to appease evil any longer? Oh no, evil will be out the door.

For the believer, it seems our mindset towards evil people is one of appeasement, one of grace and humility. When it comes to nations and God, they are to exercise force to curtail evil. During the age of grace, God has given this job over to government. As the one world government forms, their stand on evil will get increasingly wimpy and that’s when God will take over. It’s just the way it is, that’s how God set it up, I say we go with it.

The 2004 Major League baseball season started today in a game in Japan between the Yankees and Devil Rays. Since the game is in Japan, it is on here at 4 in the morning. They replay it in the afternoon.

I saw when I got up that the Yankees lost 8-3 but decided I’d check out some of the game anyway when they replayed it at 3 this afternoon. The Yankees scored two in the first, the Devil Rays looked out of it for two innings with a miss-throw, easy outs etc. I almost began to wonder if what I heard was the truth. Did the Yankees really lose?

Ah yes, this is what happens when you walk by sight rather than faith. We know in the end we’re going to win, but we see that we’re losing right now and we’re not playing so sharp. But where is our confidence? Do we still believe we win or are we acting like losers?

After billions of years of evolution, humans are finally ready to create new life. Scientists believe they are ready to create life. Amazing that it took them this long to think and arrange the necessary components to create what got here by chance.

As you can see, by returning to report on the news, my son must be better. He is and has plans of returning home today as soon as they finish all the paper work, which who knows, could take another two days. But peace and happiness has returned to my home and I am very glad.

Articles like this always beg the question–where did the separation of church and state suddenly go to? News of this type makes you wonder what any politician of any sort is doing in any church.

It is funny how a pastor cannot say anything in a public building or any gathering of government now, but it’s just fine and dandy for any politician to walk into a church and hold a campaign speech. Hmm, wonder why that would be?