Jesus’ "Secret" Family

I’m not quite sure what this article is trying to say, but it is based on a portrait they found of Jesus and his family. It apparently shows his younger brother James with Jesus and his parents. This is a big finding or something.

The Church, which I am reading as “the Catholic Church,” has tried to cover up the facts about Jesus’ family, it does away with that whole “virgin” thing.

“It also implies that James, the man in the portrait, was the one chosen by Jesus to lead the church after his death, and not St Paul, as is commonly believed.” In other words, Paul was not to be followed but James.

I guess I’m surprised that Jesus’ family is considered “secret” when it is mentioned several times in Scripture. Anyway, there’s a documentary coming out on it.

The Twelfth Day Of Cindy

On the Twelfth Day of Cindy I gave to my true love, 12 jokes an hour.

My wife says the first thing that attracted her to me was how funny I was. It’s true. She still thinks I’m funny, but probably not as much as I think I am.

I often tell my wife how lucky she is to have such good entertainment for free. There are people in the world who would pay big money to have someone as funny as I am follow them around making hilarious comments.

I want my wife to experience the full enjoyment of knowing how lucky she is. I want nothing more for her than her happiness, so I continue to be funny for her and, of course, for the children. I even made her laugh during child-birthing, not many husbands can claim that one.

Hey, she knew what she was getting into here. It’s not like she wasn’t warned. The fact that she still laughs out loud at what I say is cool. I love that.

God Dog

Is it a mark or a miracle? A central Florida woman believes that her pup sports a sign from God. This diminutive dog appears to have a cross on her forehead. Sarai’s owner says she was born with the image and it’s becoming more defined. The family calls the canine a Christmas miracle.

I’ve seen many dogs that have white marks on their faces in similar spots. However, I do think this dog does have a sign from God. God is clearly pointing out that this dog’s owner has too much time on her hands.

The Eleventh Day Of Cindy

On the Eleventh Day of Cindy I gave to my true love, 11 plans I won’t try.

“I have a plan” is a great line from several of my favorite movies. It’s said by Chris Farley in Tommy Boy several times, very funny. It is also said in Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail when the guy suggests they build a large wooden rabbit, also very funny.

I repeat the line, with proper inflection and accent, almost daily. I always have some brilliantly stunning plan that will solve pretty much any problem that comes my way.

Like the time I was getting bobble head dolls out of boxes of cereal. Cindy was getting the cereal on sale for $1.50 a box, I was then selling each bobble head on eBay for $3.50, a profit of $2 a box! “Hey, all you need to do is buy 500,000 boxes and we’ll be millionaires!” Brilliant stuff.

That was one of my better and more realistic plans. My wife, at one time, used to listen to the stuff I said. She has learned now to just ignore my planning stages, listen politely, smile and say “OK.” She knows I’m too chicken to do them anyhow.

Occasionally I will feel unduly inspired and go ahead and implement one of my plans, usually to disaster. She is very good about not rubbing it in my face. She cheers me on. One of em oughta work at some point. She just keeps listening as I keep planning. I love that.

More Than Meets The Eye

I’ve been on a roll lately, having read several very good books recently. This is the latest. I heard Dr. Swenson speak back when I was in seminary, he was quite good.

This book goes into biology, physics and other scientific realms and shows how science affirms faith in an intelligent designer. He occasionally takes cheap shots at evolution, but for the most part keeps it on point proving his point rather than belittling evolutionists, not all books like this can claim that.

He ties in scripture in interesting ways while going through deep scientific issues with clarity and simplicity. I’m not sure that a person who is advanced in biology or physics would get too much out of it as it is more of an overview. I, however, being a moron in all things scientific, found it to be very informative. A nice read that will bring you along to your Creator.