Stupid God People

Another new study came out saying that prayer has no effect on people’s recovery from heart bypass.

In fact, the study found some of the patients who knew they were being prayed for did worse than others who were only told they might be prayed for — though those who did the study said they could not explain why.

Just when you go and feel good about being a God believer something like this comes along and makes you feel completely stupid. Well, guess we can skip all that praying stuff now. Frees up a few hours a day for me. Bonus.

Stupid Atheists

From a telephone sampling of more than 2,000 households, university researchers found that Americans rate atheists below Muslims, recent immigrants, gays and lesbians and other minority groups in “sharing their vision of American society.” Atheists are also the minority group most Americans are least willing to allow their children to marry.

So take that! Atheists are doomed to a life of solitude and resentment. About 3% of our population is atheist. For some reason, they have trouble getting along so there is no organization of their power at all. Idiots.

Disappointment With God

Philip Yancey is one of my favorite authors. He would be my favorite Christian author, I mean, besides me. He has a fascinating way with words and his insights from Scripture often make me feel like I’ve never scratched the surface of the Bible. I love that.

Disappointment With God deals largely with the book of Job and the issue of suffering. Where is God? Is He silent? Does He care? These are all questions that every believer faces from time to time.

The main problem with the book is that it’s hard to recommend to others. “So, you’re disappointed with God eh? And, what, you think I am too? Is that what you’re saying? Because that’s what it sounds like you’re saying.” No, no, I just thought it was a good book. “Riiight.”

It reminds me of a book by Paul Tournier entitled Marriage Difficulties. It’s one of the best books he wrote but I can’t recommend it to anyone!

You will never look at the book of Job the same again. A great read. Every believer should read this book and then read everything else Yancey has written.

If It’s Broke, Better Boycott

The American Family Association has not yet ordered a boycott of Wal-Mart but they are encouraging their troops to complain to Wal-Mart officials for carrying Brokeback Mountain.

“We’ve seen a downward spiral trend by the Wal-Mart Corporation in which they are more and more becoming like the world rather than the family-friendly company we grew up with.” a spokesman said.

We grew up with a family-friendly Wal-Mart? Maybe the AFA should boycott the breakdown of the American family. I grew up with a mom and a dad, not a Wal-Mart. Wow, maybe we should boycott the AFA for having leaders from dysfunctional families.

Can’t Be Too Careful

Several times I have recounted my run-ins with the old lady Jehovah Witness that stops by my house. I always feel bad arguing with old ladies, but now I have more to worry about.

Today a JW arrested for bilking a 100-year old woman out of $7 million is up for a parole hearing three years into his 25 year sentence. His accomplice was denied parole the other day and it doesn’t look so good for this guy either.

The money is still missing, and only about $400 of the court-ordered $7.15 million in restitution has been paid back, authorities said. After allegedly convincing Anderson that entrusting her fortune to them was in keeping with her religious beliefs, the pair used a complex system of interlocking companies and trusts to drain Anderson’s accounts, while they lived in expensive homes, drove luxury cars and hosted trips abroad to places like Europe and the Caribbean, records show.

How much worse will it be when a 100-year old JW bilks a 32-year old man out of his life savings? Of course, my life savings will allow her to go on a trip to Dubuque, but still. Gotta be more careful out there.