Anxiety Anxiety

There are lots of problems in life, most of which roll off my back. But there are a few which constantly nag at me, causing my brain to become frantic. Two of those anxieties are overtaking me today.

The first is that for some reason the garbage man did not take my garbage yesterday. They came too early I guess because even though for 5 years now they have picked up my garbage after 10 am, they apparently picked it up around 7. Now I have bags of garbage all over. Garbage Can Anxiety is in full force. What will I do with it all until next Thursday?

The second has occurred the last few times I’ve gotten gas, from the gas station that is. About four trips to the gas station ago I let go of the pump handle exactly on $20. I mentioned that to my wife, how much of a man I was. Just FLICK, and boom, $20. Oh yeah.

But then the next time I went and I missed it by a penny. Then the next time I missed it twice. I get very nervous now. I stretch my fingers. I mentally prepare myself to hit exactly $20. Today I had my money out and I saw that I had a few stray dollar bills so I had plenty of chances to hit an even amount.

I missed the first one, then the next one, then the third time. I finally ended up at $31. Horrible. I’ve lost my touch and all the confidence that is necessary in proper gas pump handling. Thus continues Gas Pump Anxiety.

I now have Anxiety Anxiety. What will I be anxious about next? What other routine event in life will suddenly grow to uncontrollable proportions? This is not good. Not good at all.

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