Daylight Savings Time has got to go. I’m bored out of my mind with this extra hour! I’ve updated the church web site already with sermon notes, AIM, newsletter and TNBS stuff.

I hate Saturdays. I get so geared up for my message by about 10 am on Saturdays that the rest of the day seems to take forever and I can’t concentrate on anything and I just hate it. I think every week we should move our clocks ahead on Saturdays and then move them back on Sundays so Sunday is an hour longer. That would be nice. Then I could do stuff and be able to think.

Daylight savings time has always seemed to me to be another tool of Satan. Of all the days of the week, why does it have to impact what we do on Sunday mornings? We’re up against it in all ways.

Make it idiot proof and someone will invent a better idiot.

I’m working through a new concept, or rather, it’s an old concept I’m working through anew. It has to do with our flesh and our compensation for it. Soon our flesh has developed patterns and behaviors which become who we are and less of what God intended us to be. It touches on our old and new nature and the conflict they have and an understanding of what Christianity looks like with this conflict arising.

Not sure where I’m going with it but I’m going to start writing it down. Writing is how I process my thoughts, so look forward to hearing bits and pieces and perhaps, if I finish and it makes sense, I’ll present it in it’s entirety on Thursday nights. Just preparing you!

While anxiously waiting to go to bed, I decided I’d spend the remaining minutes of the day surfing the internet. I came across this link. I have no idea how I managed to get there. It’s a German auction site which is auctioning off the left leg of the Saddam Hussein statue the Americans tore down in Baghdad, with plenty of pictures. Good bidding! Let me know if you win it.

The meltdown with the Cubs continues. All their coaches have been fired, except the manager, their main tv broadcaster resigned, now Steve Stone, their color commentator on the tv broadcasts has resigned.

I’ve been listening to Steve Stone for about 20 years now and there is no broadcaster alive who knows the game like he does. He was able to call things before they happened like no other broadcaster I’ve ever heard. The fact that he’s leaving is a real bummer. The entire organization is falling apart right when it looked like they were going to put together a seriously good team for several years in a row.

Boy oh boy. Perhaps the ex-Cub factor is going to become just the Cub factor. Perhaps it’s time to admit that there is no next year.

Lakewood Church in Houston is moving out of their old 7,000 seat facility and moving into the Compaq Center, which used to be home to the Houston Rockets. They will now be able to seat 16,000 per service. They are also in the process of making dressing rooms into classrooms.

Their pastor, John Olsteen, is nationally known and has some books published. His message is more or less a self-help, pop-Christianity kind of deal. The church also leans charismatic.

I refrain from any comments. Just thought you’d like to know!

Billy Graham is back on the gospel preaching path after a year off due to a broken hip. This is going to be his farewell tour. He kicked it off with some meetings in Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

I read his biography and something seemed off in it to me but you can’t fault the man for his work. While most other “televangelists” and popular ministers have taken falls that the world uses to rub in our faces, Graham has stood firm and not lapsed. It’s about time one of them comes through. That alone speaks volumes for what Graham’s faith is made of.

Cindy and I went and saw Graham when we lived in St. Paul. He was speaking at the Metrodome and it was packed. Thousands of people went forward for the altar call, which I didn’t completely understand! The message wasn’t that great! Only the Lord knows how legitimate the conversions are but he’s quite the guy. Here’s an article about him which appears, interestingly enough, in The Deseret News, which is a Mormon Newspaper.

Well, the Red Sox are up 3-0 and could win their first World Series since 1918 tonight. I was a bit confused as to how this could be happening since the ex-Cub factor said the Red Sox should lose. However, I did a bit more checking and wouldn’t you know it, the Cardinals also have 3 ex-Cubs! Tony Womack played 21 games for the Cubs in 2003! Therefore, the ex-Cub factor is a non-factor and indeed, Boston could win the World Series!