Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris is a famed healer in Africa. The other night he held his “night of bliss” healing service in a huge soccer stadium in Johannesburg.

There were thousands of people there, elderly and sick lined up, people sleeping in the parking lot just to be near the healing power. The huge crowds threatened the security of the place guarded by marshals.

The overwhelming crowd continued to push past the marshals and jump barricades to enter the stadium to get their chance at healing. Then a miracle truly did occur: Only one of them died.

Praying For Terrorists

Jesus told His followers to pray for their enemies so obviously, this translates into American Christians praying for terrorists.

So, a web site has been set up where Christians can adopt a terrorist to pray for

At you can “learn about nearly a hundred prominent at-large and captured individuals identified by the FBI and State Department as either terrorists or terrorism sponsors.”

“Visitors can then find a terrorist to pray for, as well as see how many others are praying for them. It’s all about connecting these prayer warriors to each other to see how others are praying, to encourage each other, to spread the word, and fight this War on Terrorism in a powerful and spiritual way.”

I’d look for terrorism to stop around Thursday, twosih? Cynicism aside, it’s not the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

Why Did Israel Go To Egypt?

Question: Why did Abraham’s people end up in Egypt so soon after being given the Promised Land?

Answer: It is weird that Abraham’s grandsons left the Promised Land so quickly. However, there is a reason for everything in God’s plan.

God predicts in Genesis 15:13 that Abraham’s people would end up in Egypt for 400 years. But why? What changed?

I have a theory.

In 15:7 God tells Abraham he’ll inherit the Land and Abraham says, “How will I know that?” (15:8). It’s never a good idea to say such things to God. The OT has a fairly consistent testimony that those who ask for a sign get judgment.

Sure enough, immediately after asking this stupid question, Abraham has a nightmare (15:12). It is described as a horror of great darkness. Then there is a smoking furnace and a burning lamp (15:17). Fire and smoke are always associated with judgment.

Israel going to Egypt was a curse on them for Abraham asking God for a sign to prove he would really get the Promised Land.

That’s my theory. Seems to make sense in the context and also fits in perfectly with God’s hatred of people doubting Him by asking for stupid signs. His Word should be enough. We walk by faith not by sight. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

It’s still a good idea to hear Him today!

A Better Covenant

Question: If the new covenant, the better one, replaced the first covenant (Hebrews 8), what was the first covenant? Are there are only two?

Answer: Hebrews 8 is indeed comparing an old and a new covenant. The fault with the old covenant was not the covenant; it was the people (8:9). The people broke the covenant and that was its problem. Hebrews 8:10 shows who the new covenant is for: Israel and Judah.

This is pointing forward to the Millennial Kingdom, which I spell wrong every time. I think it’s Milennial or Millenial, wait, maybe I had it right at first Millennial. No, that can’t be it, MMillenniall. Anyway, the fulfillment is in the Kingdom.

I will be their God, they will be my people, everyone knows who I am, no need for teachers. God will create a people who cannot violate the covenant, therefore, the promises to Israel will indeed be kept for eternity, unlike the first covenant, which they broke.

How does the Church fit in this? Some say the Church replaces Israel. Others say the Church has nothing to do with it. Others say that the Church has the spiritual side of the covenant realties but Israel will still get the land part and the Kingdom is the ultimate realization of the new and better covenant.

I’d go with option three. In order for the Kingdom to work all things have to be dealt with physically and spiritually. Under the Law the physical side was all there–the law, temple, priests, and land. In our age the spiritual side is all taken care of because of Christ’s death and resurrection–he is the priest, we’re the temple, heaven is our land, the indwelling Spirit teaches.
Not until the Kingdom will everything be in place to fulfill the original covenant originally made with Abraham–you will be My people and this will be your land.

So, in summary, Millennial is spelled correctly as Millennial. 2 l’s and 2 n’s. I was right the first time and that’s really all that matters.

In further summary, the covenant in question is the original covenant with Abraham. It has not yet been fulfilled. The New Covenant is what Christ did–the New Covenant in His blood. He will seal the deal because He will seal and indwell His people. It has happened spiritually now for present age believers and will ultimately be fulfilled for Israel just as He originally promised.

Revelation 22:11

Revelation 22:11 has always blown my mind. The description of the new heaven and new earth is wrapped up and the angel is giddy about God judging and then he drops in this:

“He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.”

I get why he wants the righteous and holy to still be righteous and holy, but why does he desire the unjust and the filthy to continue being that?

Doesn’t it seem like the Bible would call all men to righteousness and holiness? Why would the Bible tell certain people to keep being unrighteous?

I really can’t presume to answer but if I had to guess, this is my guess:

Revelation 19 has lots of creatures praising God for causing Babylon to be smashed, for humanity being judged with the smoke still rising. The judgment of the unrighteous is something the righteous look forward to.

Perhaps the point of Revelation 22:11 is similar to many of the Psalms where God’s people can’t wait for the bad guys to get what’s coming to them. Maybe it’s a little bit of Jonah: I really don’t want them to repent, I’d rather see them fry. Maybe Jonah’s desire was more righteous then we’ve been lead to believe.

I really have no idea. That’s why this verse blows my mind.

Jesus In Shower

A man in Florida was taking a shower until he was rudely interrupted by the Son of God. “I was taking a shower and something told me to look to the left,” Theo Grimes said. “First thing that came to my mind – that’s Jesus.”

Coincidental that his name is Theo? That would be the Greek word for “God” for those of you who read the NIV.

The best news of this whole miracle is the result. “Grimes said his bathroom has become a prayer room. “I’m not cleaning it,” he said. “It’s my praying room.” How sweet is that? My wife is wishing Jesus makes her stop cleaning our bathroom soon too.

He’s contemplating eBay as well. Jesus better watch out, He’s flooding the market. Prices for Jesus stains are going to drop soon. Not good.

Cross Log

A family in Nebraska was out cutting wood when they discovered a log with a cross on it, a divine message.

Kutschkau says it cannot be coincidence. To him it is a sign from up above. “It has really, really reaffirmed my faith,” said Melvin. “I really believe that this can change people’s lives.”

Being so precious to his faith one wonders what they will do with it. “Might put it on eBay or something. See what the highest bid may be. Who knows it might be a sign too. God might want us to hold on to it for some odd reason.”

The real miracle is that there was a tree in Nebraska.