There is a song from back in the good ol days that I just heard on the radio again yesterday. The song always makes me think. It reminds me of typical human nature. It also reminds me of the Church. It also reminds me of me. The song is by an obscure group called Ten Years After. The song bemoans all the problems in the world and how the solutions don’t work and the chorus says:

I’d love to change the world
But I don’t know what to do
So, I leave it up to you

Ah yes. Speaks to the heart of human nature doesn’t it? We’ll all just wait for someone else to come along and do it. I’m speaking on David and Goliath next Sunday as I make my way through 1 Samuel. The Israelites were singing this song until David shows up and says, “Let me at-em.” Oh, I’d love to be a David, but I don’t know what to do.

David had it easy, his giant was in the flesh, right in front of him. Who’s our giant? Where is he? Do we have the faith to go get him?

Attention Grabbers

Often we get ideas about life that are arrived at because we’ve only paid attention to attention-grabbing things. Many people have a bad view of youths because you only hear bad things about them. Old People think the world is worse than ever because all they do is watch news and news is all about people who have gotten attention.

I passed lots of cars on my bike today, but I only remember one. A white car who’s driver yelled at me to get out of the road. As if.

It’s a temptation to assume that every church in America, except yours, is a megachurch. Megachurches get all the attention, the press coverage, the big-name speakers, etc. It gives many pastors a complex–how are ALL these other churches doing it and we struggle year after year?

Christianity Today has two statistics out:

There are 1,200 Protestant megachurches (congregations with weekly attendance above 2,000) in America.

Which means that .03% of American Churches are megachurches.

I heard, and I don’t know how accurate this figure is anymore, that the average church size is 80 people. For every church with 2,000, there’s hundreds with 40. They all serve their purpose. Bottom line is, we’re all in the Body of Christ and it’s a great place to be.

What Would Jesus Dew?

Jesus apparently had some free time on his hands so he decided to show up on earth again. His latest appearance is in Bosnia, somewhat safer than showing up in Chicago like his mom. Jesus also thought it would be fun to be seen in the grain of a cut tree branch.

All kinds of desperate religiosos are flocking to the tree to pray and leave money. “The region’s Serb Orthodox bishop Vasilije visited the site and said church officials would discuss the phenomenon and advise believers how to behave. He appealed to visitors not to destroy the tree and not to leave money at the site.”

Money is better left at church.

The Lord Giveth. . .

A former church employee charged with stealing over $40,000 from his church plead guilty. His punishment includes 36 months probation, community service and paying about $3,700. Church insurance covered the rest of the loss. So the church is letting the guy get away with stealing$36,000!

Wow, that almost sounds like something Jesus would do, if He had insurance anyway.

That’ll Bring ‘Em In

A church in southern Italy is being swamped by pilgrims who have heard that a statue of the Virgin Mary has come to life several times over the weekend.

“Some of the witnesses said they had seen the statue’s ears and face turn to flesh, and some mentioned seeing a bright light.” Not sure why this is a big deal, every week pieces of bread turn into the flesh of Jesus.

The Grand Contraption Part 2

Continuing to read The Grand Contraption. He’s doing pretty good. He has done a good amount of research and handled fairly the biblical aspect of the discussion. He even throws in John Darby. Most Christians don’t know who John Darby is but Mr. Park has done his research.

However, he does throw in his comments here and there. Including a sentence “but smart people were beginning to see that the universe came into existence by chance.” Coming from his viewpoint though, that statement is true. Darwin really didn’t invent anything, his concept of chance and survival had been around for a couple thousand years already.

The book focuses on philosophy and religion being the beginning of the discussion about beginnings and then how math and science took over. If you’re into philosophy, religion or science, you just may like the book.

Civilization IV

When I bought my first computer about 10 years ago, I happened to buy Civilization II, a computer game that allows you to create your own civilization and compete for world domination over other civilizations. What a cool game it was. It’s like a really complicated chess game.

Civilization III is the only other computer game I’ve bought in the past 5 years. It is also cool. Now I see that Civilization IV is coming out and they’ve added a new twist. They are expanding the religion aspect of the game so now it is possible to develop a religion and try to proselytize the world and take over religiously. Cool.

“Religion has always played a critical part in human history. Through religion, man has sought to make sense of the universe around him and to determine his place in it. Religion has inspired, enlightened, and ennobled man. In its name, men have erected beautiful buildings, written books of great wisdom, and made music of surpassing beauty. In its name, men have also murdered and enslaved their fellows. Given the importance of religion throughout history, it seemed fitting that we should try to address it in Civilization IV. “

I’m there.