I’m Comin With You

We drove down to see the folks the past couple days. On the way down our 5-year old and 4-year old girls were very excited because their school was starting soon and now they were going to see the grandparents. Our 2-year old boy was just following their lead.

It was loud. Happy generally, but loud, with occasional shrieks of joy that set a parent’s spine on edge. We pulled off the highway to get some gas. The kids were going nuts in the car. It was loud. As we pulled back on to the tollway I saw a guy sitting on his backpack with his thumb extended.

“Oh yeah right, like he’d really want to ride with us.” I said to my wife. “Wait, pull the car over.” We pulled over and backed up to him. He jumped up expectantly and then stopped as he saw me get my bag, set it down next to him, and sit down with my thumb extended. “I’m coming with you pal.” I said.

OK, no, I really didn’t do that. But boy, it sure gave me something to think about until my right hand of judgment had to make another move toward the back seat.

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