Compensation: A Lovely Poem

In many older theological type books, authors would put poems and hymn lyrics in to emphasize their points. This doesn't happen as much in modern theological type books, perhaps because our modern songs don't contain any theology. 


Typically I skip these poems. I don't know why. Probably has something to do with wide margins and being easy to skim over.

But tonight I read one and though it was quite good. I believe it's entitled, Compensation and is by Mary Frances Butts. Perhaps you'll like it too.

For the joy set before thee — 
The cross. 
For the gain that comes after — 
The loss. 

For the morning that smileth — 
The night. 
For the peace of the victor —  
The fight.  

For the white rose of goodness —  
The thorn.  
For the Spirit's deep wisdom —  
Men's scorn.  

For the sunshine of gladness —  
The rain.  
For the fruit of God's pruning —  
The pain.  

For the clear bells of triumph —  
A knell.  
For the sweet kiss of meeting —  

For the height of the mountain —  
The steep.  
For the waking in heaven —  
Death's sleep. 
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