Go To Your Church! Now!

Special Agent “Brother Dennis” sent this link to me. A judge in Kentucky has begun offering attendance at church as an alternative way for alcohol and drug abusers to pay off their sentences. Instead of jail time they can attend worship services.

Of course, you know people are upset about this. It’s a violation of church and state don’t you know. The judge is a Christian and thought this would be a good way to help out violators and their families. Sounds good to me!

Decision Making and the Will of Me

Christians have a hard time making decisions. We freak ourselves out too much. We put extra pressure on ourselves that our decision will let God down or do us eternal peril. In response to this, many Christians wait forever trying to make a decision. They want fireworks, dreams, visions, angels, 47 different Christian witnesses etc.

What’s funny about all that is that we generally decide to do what we were gonna do anyway! We just wait until we get the sign that lets us do what we wanted anyhow. “OK wait, best two out of three.”

Acts 20-22 is interesting in that it shows Paul flaunting the advice of fellow believers and even going against the Holy Spirit by insisting on going to Jerusalem. It worked out fine for him–he was able to promote the message of grace anyway. Acts 21:4 shows him resisting the advice of Spirit led believers. In 21:10,11 he ignores the warning of Agabus, another Spirit led prophet. 21:12 shows all kinds of people trying to convince Paul otherwise.

Paul went. Paul knew he would stand before the Lord one day and he had to get back to Jerusalem. Some look at this as a mistake by Paul and his imprisonment and eventual death was a punishment for his decision. I don’t think so. I think Paul had to do what Paul had to do and he’ll give an account and do just fine!

Make your decisions as one deciding before the Lord. But then decide! Go for it. Act with confidence and the conviction that we can boldly stand before Him in our position of grace.

Pope Mobile Part 2

A Ford Escort previously owned by Pope John Paul, who actually drove it and put 60,000 miles on it, was to be sold at auction for charity. However, the guy who bought it has seen some bad times and has defaulted on millions of dollars worth of loans.

His dad backed his loans and now claims that since he backed the loan for this car, the car belongs to him. The case is now in court to see who gets to sell it.

More evidence of why you should NEVER do a money deal with anyone in your family. Don’t do it. Also more evidence of the charming nature of man even while doing things for “charity.”

Memorial Day Reading

Memorial Day is supposed to be about remembering. It’s hard to remember what you don’t know! Here are some of my favorite “war books” to help us remember.

One of the best one volume histories of the Civil War.

An enjoyable read of first hand accounts of World War II fighting and valor. Even though Ambrose plagiarized half his writing, it’s still pretty good. He plagiarized good stuff!

We were Soldiers Once. . .and Young is a moving first-hand account of a battle in the Vietnam War. It is written by Harold Moore, his brother Bal Moore attends Rhinelander Bible Church. This book was made into a movie starring Mel Gibson.

Memorial Day

The history of Memorial Day is a bit muddled. It seems to have got its start after the Civil War but was not made an official organized holiday until 1971. For a full history go here.

No matter your views on war, soldiering, government or other political issues, one has to appreciate the sacrifice of some that have made our lives better. It’s unfortunate that people are sinners and we have to resort to killing each other and having to use force to ensure freedom, but that’s the world we live in until Christ comes to end all war.

Even so come.

Dope for a Pope

Don’t like the current pope? Did you know you had options? You do!

Down in Delia, Kansas Pope Michael has been reigning for 15 years. He calls his farmhouse in Kansas “Vatican in Exile.” He was elected by six people in 1990, one of whom was his mother and another was his now deceased dad.

Even most other traditionalists – who reject the reforms of the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s and maintain that no legitimate pope has ruled from the Vatican since Pope Pius XII died in 1958 – dismiss his election, which they largely ignored despite what Bawden said were months of preparations and publicity.

His rationale for his position–“They called Jesus a kook, too.” I would just like to say, “chapter and verse where it says that!”

The Pilgrim’s Progress

Back in high school I had to watch a cheap Christian film of The Pilgrim’s Progress. Like most Christian films back then, it was horrid in every way. It totally turned me off to ever dealing with the book.

Yesterday, while going to one of many garage sales, I saw a copy of the book for 25 cents and decided a quarter was worth it even if it was a bad movie. So I got it and have begun to read it. I’m only about 50 pages in and it is quite good. He quotes scripture frequently and has interesting analogies of the Christian life–such as noting that there is no armor for our backs in the armor of God!

I’m looking forward to the rest of it. There’s a long way to go yet and I’m wondering exactly what will take up the rest of the pages. So far he’s kept me hooked. Give it a try if you have never tried it before.