Is the Bible Inspired? Decide and Act Accordingly

Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?
–Satan, in Genesis 3:1

This is the first temptation that led to the first sin.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Each generation has their moment of temptation, the Big Cause, the newest sin du jour, that makes people question “hath God said?”

People have spent most of human history ignoring God. When they do hear Him, they get busy figuring out how to circumvent His words and yet still feel “religious.”

The best way to excuse your sin is to ask “hath God said?”

Attacking the integrity of the Bible is a fundamental step to okaying sin.

Most of these attacks go like this:

The Bible is a collection of ancient truths that worked in that day. But their societies were backward, their authors were tainted, and we know better now.

The underlying assumption behind not listening to the Bible is that it was written by people and you can’t trust people.

I agree we can’t trust people. One of the reasons I don’t trust people is because of how much irony they miss.

People say we can’t trust the Bible because it was written by people and people are untrustworthy.

If we can’t listen to people, why would I listen to people’s attacks on the Bible?

Most attacks on the Bible exist to OK a sin that modern people don’t want to call sin anymore.

But why use the Bible at all then? What other biblical passages will future generations discover are outdated or wrong?

If the Bible can be changed due to societal demands, why bother with it?

People who question the authority of the Scripture should just be honest and chuck the whole thing. Bashing the Bible, yet paying it lip-service, is probably called being “lukewarm.”

Make your call. Are you in or out? Is the Bible inspired or not?

That’s the ultimate question.

If it’s not; then leave it alone and carry on.

If it is; adjust accordingly.

How to Get Politicians to End Legal Abortion

Politicians are primarily motivated by getting votes. When they keep their jobs with your votes, they make money. To get your vote, they give you other people’s money.

A politician will magically appear to grant any wish, as long as you rub their bottle with a vote.

Abortion has been legally killing American humans for over 40 years.

Many efforts have been made to stop abortion, yet it continues. Voting has us in a stalemate. Vying living people can’t settle the matter, and politicians/Americans are not motivated by morality (if they were, abortion never would have become a political issue).

Democrats and Republicans both seem inept at ending this mass slaughter.

Here’s why: fetuses don’t vote.

Politicians don’t care about the unborn because they can’t use the unborn for anything. I think this is the main reason euthanasia is not an American thing: don’t kill old people; they actually vote!

Here are two possible ways to get politicians to overturn Roe v. Wade.

  1. Give fetuses the right to vote.
    This obviously presents a challenge: how do you discern how a fetus is voting? I don’t know, but certainly a way can be devised. Quite frankly, it doesn’t even matter, they just need to have the semblance of voting. If nothing else, you could give pregnant mom’s two votes. Say they have more voting power to make up for obvious male oppression, and everyone will be happy.
  2. Tax birth.
    I am fundamentally against more taxes, but this seems like a good one. If each of us owed a $10,000 Birth Tax to be paid gradually over our working life, politicians would end abortion immediately.

Either of these options has a good chance of working. The system is corrupted. We need to use the materialistic bent running our nation. Nothing we’re doing now is working, might as well try something new.

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