You and the Kingdom

The Kingdom of God is a major subject of Scripture. There are several ways the term is used and to mix them leads to great confusion and doctrinal error. The problem is that it’s such a huge topic you have to do a lot of work to sort it all out.

Well, life in our world is much easier than in the past and that’s true for Bible study too. Elva McClain has done all the work for you in his book The Greatness of the Kingdom. It’s a beauty.

He talks about the Kingdom of God in Israel under David and Solomon. The Kingdom of God in OT Prophecy. How Christ addressed the Kingdom. What Paul means by the Kingdom and finally deals with the fulfillment of the Kingdom for eternity. It’s great stuff. Never seen a beter treatment of the subject. A must read for anyone who has ever had questions about how Israel, the Kingdom and the Church fit together.

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  1. Just some clarification. The name is Alva McClain (not Elva). I know this because Dr. McClain was the president of Grace Seminary where your dad went to school.

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