Fired Up Missionary

Missionaries are known for their zeal and energy and desire to reach the lost for Christ. But there are exceptions to every rule. A 70-year old missionary has been accused of burning down one of the churches that supported him.

Mobley [the pastor of the burned church] says he’s disappointed to hear that his friend of seven years is charged with burning down his church. He says he hasn’t talked to Wilkins about the indictment. He’s waiting for an arrest.

Disappointed eh? I’ll say. It would be interesting to know his motive. I’ll bet their missionary conferences will never be the same after this. Perhaps he was trying to recreate the tongues of fire for this Pentecostal church. Our God is a consuming fire, maybe it was an illustration gone awry. Who knows.

Thanks So Much

The other day my wife asked our four-year old daughter, Elizabeth, to get a tissue for her. After knocking things off the counter she came back with a can of Sprite. My wife said “Elizabeth, I asked you to get me a tissue.” I kid you not, my daughter said “I did.” and held up the can of Sprite to which my wife said “No, Elizabeth, that’s a can of Sprite.”

Being a father has given me a glimpse of what it must be like to be God. He asks us to love God, love our neighbor, and do things for eternity. We struggle and persevere only to hold up a can of Sprite.

The last phone conversation I had with my dad was on the day he went in for the surgery he never recovered from. It was a typical Sunday afternoon phone call where we discussed our sermons and our churches. He said something like, “The whole thing is funny. Sometimes you read the Bible and you get this glimpse that God is just laughing. He wants so much for His creation and we give Him our little piece and He says ‘thanks’ and smiles. It’s just funny.”

It is. It really is. Yet we take ourselves so seriously. We feel so good about that nice thing we just did, remind God about it a few times, maybe ask for a little sumpin, sumpin for our efforts. He smiles, pats us on the head, tells us He loves us. He wants so much more but He understands that we really don’t have a shot. He just wants us to love Him and enjoy His love.

I told my dad that Sunday that I preached about God’s love that morning and how we need to relax, not be so burdened with it all. I told him about a Robert Plant song that said “Lighten up baby, I’m in love with you” and how I thought that’s what God was saying to us. Relax. Lighten up. I believe that was the conclusion of my dad’s last sermon on that Sunday night.

I think this truth helped him die so well. He knew God loved him and he wanted to enjoy that. Enjoy it. Relax. His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

C. S. Lewis Wouldn’t Watch Narnia

Recently, a letter by C. S. Lewis was posted on a literary website showing Lewis’ opposition to making his Narnia books into movies.

“Anthropomorphic animals, when taken out of narrative into actual visibility, always turn into buffoonery or nightmare. Cartoons (if only Disney did not combine so much vulgarity with his genius!) would be another matter.” He added that he would find a “human, pantomime” version of Aslan the lion to be “blasphemy.”

So, there you go.

Must Watch TV

The FCC is considering making cable companies sell cable channels a la carte (which means “you can pick the ones you want,” for those of you who read the NIV). I’m all for it. I’d buy about 15 channels and my bill would be considerably less no doubt. It is done in an effort to keep filthy programs out of homes where people don’t want filthy programs.

However, televangelists are up in arms over this! They fear that people will not choose their precious channels filled with mediocre programming and random shots of blank chalk boards.

“We don’t just want to preach to the choir; we want to reach the unchurched,” said Paul Crouch Jr. of Trinity Broadcast Network in Santa Ana. “The bottom line is that we want to be everywhere on cable.”

No, the bottom line is that you know you’re out of a job because only about 47 people in America believe your heretical gibberish you call Christianity. The unchurched are much better off being unchurched than they are seeing one of TBN’s blasphemous programs. Go FCC.

Limbo Mambo

Although the Catholic Church is capable of making strong stands on moral issues, their doctrinal history is filled with shifts and changes that should be disturbing to anyone paying attention. The Catholic Church is preparing to abandon their teaching of Limbo.

Limbo is the place where unbaptised babies go, somewhere between heaven and hell. It is a happy place apparently, even though it’s filled with babies, but it is not in the presence of God. The idea was made popular by St. Augustine back in the 13th Century. I will quote two popes:

Pope Pius X had declared in 1905: “Children who die without baptism go into limbo, where they do not enjoy God, but they do not suffer either, because having Original Sin, and only that, they do not deserve paradise, but neither hell or purgatory.”

Pope John Paul II said “The Church can only entrust them [unbaptised babies] to the mercy of God. In fact the great mercy of God, who wants all men to be saved, and the tenderness of Jesus towards children allow us to hope that there is a way of salvation for children who die without baptism.”

This is intriguing knowing the catechal teaching that popes are infallible and speak for God. God sure changes His mind a lot. Changing Church doctrine is pretty tough if one of the Church doctrines you invent is infallibility. We all know there’s only one infallible person and I never change my mind.

Taking a Stand

The Vatican released a paper the other day saying that homosexuals would be kicked out of Catholic seminary. The Vatican newspaper also went on to say the following.

Homosexuality risked “destabilizing people and society”, had no social or moral value and could never match the importance of the relationship between a man and a woman. It (homosexuality) does not represent a social value and even less so a moral virtue that could add to the civilization of sexuality. It could even be seen as a destabilizing reality for people and for society.

The Catholic Church had a duty to reaffirm its position that homosexuality is “against conjugal life, the life of the family, and priestly life”. In no case is this form of sexuality a sexual alternative, or even less, a reality that is equivalent to that which is shared by a man and a woman engaged in matrimonial.

It said homosexuality was “a sexual tendency and not an identity” and repeated the Church’s stand against allowing gays to marry or to adopt children. It also called homosexuality “an incomplete and immature part of human sexuality”.

You have to give them credit, when they make a stand, they do make a stand.

Eternal Bliss

While thinking about my dad being in heaven, I got to wondering if he checks out what I’m doing from time to time. People have had theories about what goes on in heaven. I got some too.

Ever since people were people, we have enjoyed sitting around watching other people do stuff. Plays, movies, athletics and all kinds of other stuff show that people like to watch other people. People have always done it too. Where do we get this from?

Whenever there is a commonality among people, I wonder what part of God this is reflecting. We are all made in His image, thus we share characteristics with Him. God made a world so He could watch what was going on.

Perhaps those who are in heaven can take a seat and watch what’s going on down here. They have perfect understanding and could handle all parts of it, like mature Christians who can watch Rated-R movies you know.

Can I send him a message? Well, when I pray, Christ is interceding for me, my dad is in the Body of Christ, so how could I talk to Christ without talking to my dad? Is my dad watching me type this right now? Hey dad, how’s it going? Ask James about chapter 2 yet?

Makes you wonder. How could it be eternal bliss if he couldn’t watch his boy?!

I Don’t Want to be a Goat

80-year old Ruth Barden was entering her carport Sunday to go play the organ at her church when she was attacked by a goat. Most people would have given up, not worth it, guess I’ll watch tv instead. But dear Ruth fought off the goat and persisted in her desire to get to church by beating the goat off with her cane.

“He kept trying to head-butt me until I was able to get him off balance by pushing him down the steps with my cane,” she said. She said the goat pursued her around the car until, by the grace of God, she was able to get inside and lock the doors. “I have a hard time getting around,” Barden said. “I don’t know how I was able to get in the car that fast. I think God must have picked me up and put me there.”

For the life of me I can’t figure out why this made the news, but God bless Ruth Barden. We need more faithful saints like her in our churches, who will stop at nothing to get to church. Way to go Ruth!

Buddha Boy

Authorities in Nepal urged religious groups and scientists on Sunday to help solve the mystery of a meditating teenaged boy who some believe is an incarnation of Buddha.

Bamjon sits cross-legged beneath a “pipal” tree, which is sacred to Hindus, with his eyes closed in meditation. He does not speak and followers are only allowed to see him from a distance of 50 metres (165 feet). The young mystic is hidden from public view at night behind a curtain drawn by his followers. Doctors observing from a distance have said the boy is breathing normally but is weak.

“He sits motionless from dawn to dusk when visitors are allowed to see him. This demands something,” said local journalist Devkota. “But whether he is an incarnation of Buddha, I have doubts because we don’t know what he does at night. This must be investigated.”

Investigate whether he’s an incarnation of Buddha eh? Here’s the results of my investigation–HE’S NOT! My son hasn’t eaten his supper for two years and he aint no Buddha. 6 months is nothing.

XMAS Apology

My wife orders Sunday School junk for our church with our credit card so our email gets junk mail all the time from ChristianEdWharehouse. I don’t think we do business with them any longer as they messed up our orders twice with some sort of automatic shipment of the new curriculum something something, I don’t know, I just pay the bills.

Anyway, earlier today they sent out an email with “XMAS” in the subject line. Apparently it didn’t take long for various Christian Ed types to cause a stir and I just received more junk mail from them apologizing for using “XMAS” in their last bit of junk mail. Allow me to quote.

Our e-mail that was sent earlier today contained the word “XMAS” in our subject line. While the intention was merely to shorten the subject line, this was a mistake on our part. We in no way, shape, or form wish to take Christ out of Christmas.

Our company has been committed to partnering with churches for over 50 years in order to introduce children, teens, and adults to a personal faith in Jesus Christ and to help them grow in their faith and service to the Lord. We publish and distribute resource materials that teach moral and spiritual values while training individuals for a lifetime of Christian service.

Well, shwew. I was worried that using “XMAS” meant you weren’t a Christian anymore. I was worried that now all my Sunday School kids were going to be riding down the highway to hell with AC/DC Sunday School songs ringing in their ears. I can now return to normal living.

Good Friday

Good Friday always confused me as a kid, what was so good about it? Usually I had to go to church and hear about Jesus dying. That’s not good. I was also confused why Jesus said He’d be dead for three days and yet He died on Friday and rose on Sunday. I knew I was no good at math but that’s not three days.

Saturday is always the forgotten day. Yet most of our lives are more like that Saturday than they are the Friday or the Sunday. Most days are devoid of major tragedy or major triumph. Most days are spent in limbo right between the two.

My dad died on a Friday. I know I’ll see him again, but I feel like life is Saturday now. It’s weird. I’m waiting to see my dad. I know it worked out well for him, he’s the least of my concerns in this. But what about us?

It would be easy to drop into depression and self-pity. I can’t say I haven’t exercised that option and I’m not too proud to admit I’ll be exercising them again soon. But we have hope. Hope is not yet seen, otherwise hope would not be hope. Hope is confidence in the future. Yes, it’s Saturday but Sunday’s coming.

Organ Donors

A church in England recently had models come to their church to put on a fashion show to raise money for a new organ.

The connection [having models raise money for an organ] was made by Jeanne Holland who sings in the church choir and works for PR agency Holland-Young Associates which provided the models. The clothes were provided by local people and friends of Jeanne.

They raised 2,000 pounds, not as in weight but as in money. Hope it was worth it. All glory to God. Praises.

Riotous Living

Thirteen people were arrested in Zambia after a riot occurred where five cars were damaged, including a police car, as well as church property.

The riot started over concerns that a pentecostal church, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, was involved in demonic worship.

Wow! Cool! When was the last time a church caused any riots in America? Not sure if this is good news or bad news. Nice to see someone cares what goes on in a church though.

Reading the Book of Mormon

Church of LDS President Gordon Hinckley asked Mormon’s to read the book of Mormon by the end of the year. Not all of them are going to make it others are rushing to get it done in time.

In Utah “riders are taking TRAX to read Mosiah, hopping on UTA buses to roll through Alma or hooking up with carpools to plow through other portions of the 531-page book on CD or cassette. Some churchgoers even play catch-up in sacrament meetings instead of listening to sermons or, dare we say, snoozing.”

“I probably won’t make it,” one Mormon concedes. “But I’m reading the book on faith that I will be blessed if I try to follow the prophet.”

What’s most disturbing is there are probably more Mormons reading this humanly devised blasphemy than Christians reading the Bible. Not that reading the Bible in a year is going to win you any points with God, but still, do we know our Book?

Good News and Bad News

The night before my dad died, my sister and I stayed at the hospital all night. Neither one of us had gotten much sleep for several days and we were what you would call “slap happy.” I know, I know, it’s most likely wrong to enjoy waiting for your dad to die, but I tell ya what, it was a riot.

My family uses humor to adjust to things; we adjusted. We were sitting in a small waiting room and we got this crazy idea to do prank phone calls from the hospital. For some reason, we adopted an Indian accent. It went something like this.

“Heh-lo, thees ees doctor Rashid from de hospetal. I have good news for you and bad news. Thee bad news ees that your father just eescaped from the hospetal. Thee good news ees that he steel has hes legs.”

“No, no no, I got it I got it. “Heh-lo, thees ees doctor Rashid from de hospetal. I have good news for you and bad news. Thee good news ees that you have 24 hours to live. Thee bad news ees that I forgot to call you yesterday.”

Of course, we didn’t actually call anyone. We just went on for about an hour doing these pretend prank calls. We had to knock off the fun for fear of being kicked out of the hospital.

Then we went in and visited my dad. Who was out of it, about as close to comatose as you can get. What a shift. It’s weird what death does to the living. If my dad were able to join us in the other room, he would have loved it.

I’m glad I have a sister who can relate to my mind. I’m glad my dad helped us be that way. I’m glad my dad died so well that we could find humor in it. Thanks dad, that was the most fun I’ve ever had waiting for someone to die.

Cryin Won’t Help Ya

The Virgin Mary is crying, again. This time outside a church in Sacramento, California. The statue of her appears to be crying a substance that looks like blood. There are two quotes from people who have seen the tears.

”There’s a big event in the future — earthquake, flood, a disease,” Truong said. ”We’re very sad.”

And then this:

”I think that it’s incredible. It’s a miracle. Why is she doing it?”

This is why you know this has nothing to do with God. God would tell you what was going on, not leave people in confusion. I think it’s quite simple why Mary would be crying–Wal-mart just announced that it’s holiday sales were higher than expected. Profiting off the birth of her son, I’d cry too.

New Jesus Society

Today was the the inauguration of the Saint Theresa of Child Jesus Society of the Church. Sorry you missed it. The Very Reverend Father leading the ceremony urged Christians to continue to pursue the path of peace and love that Christ stood for by living in harmony with themselves and members of other religious organizations.

I don’t remember at what point Jesus lived in harmony with religious organizations but I’ll take their word for it. Then comes this rousing conclusion.

Mrs. Agnes Buah, President of the Asankrangwa branch of the society said members would work hard to sustain the society and ensure the growth of the Church. On behalf of the society, she presented four ceiling fans worth more than 600,000 cedis to the Church.

To me, that’s funny. Ceiling fans? Of all the things that would ensure growth in the church and sustain the new organization she gives them ceiling fans. That’s what Jesus would do I guess, they’ll get the rushing mighty wind one way or another.

Christian Football Picks: Week 12

Each week I pick football games based on the current state of God’s opinions on things as given by modern Christianity. Currently we are 20-9 in our picks after two right picks on Thanksgiving.

New York Giants at Seattle
Giants Stadium recently created a praying area after an incident with some praying Muslims. This could be good for them–they encourage prayer. It could be bad though–they did it for Muslims. George Bush says Muslims and Christians worship the same God though. But this game is in Seattle, does it matter what Giants Stadium does in this case? You bet.
Seattle 31
New York 24

New England at Kansas City
Thanksgiving reminds us of the glorious history of our country. White guys came over, raped and pillaged Indians and then made Wal-mart. We like to look back at the Christian heritage of our nation and the conquering of heathens, will this game be a reenactment of our glorious Christian past? How could it not be?
Patriots 24
Chiefs 13

San Francisco at Tennessee
Naomi Judd has a new talk show coming out where she will discuss “spirituality.” She lives in Tennessee and her first show will be from there. Does talking about “spirituality” get any points with God? Does the world really need another talk show?
San Francisco 31
Tennessee 10

Boston Tree Party

Boston has an annual Christmas tree, but this year they renamed it “the holiday tree.” Christians, who are busy spreading the Gospel, were not available for comment.

However, other “Christians” who were not quite so busy spreading the Gospel and have plenty of free time to get worked up about inane things were available for comment.

“There’s been a concerted effort to steal Christmas,” Jerry Falwell told Fox Television. Falwell and the conservative Liberty Counsel led a campaign that threatened to sue anyone who spreads what they see as misinformation about Christmas celebrations in public spaces.

Glad they are so principled. That’s what Jesus would do. Since when does a Christmas tree have anything to do with Christianity anyway? Are there not bigger issues?

Stadium Prayer

Officials at Giants Stadium have made a specially designated area for people to pray. Back in September five Muslim men were detained because they were gathered by a sensitive air duct in the stadium. The men said they were praying, not attempting to do anything evil.

Because of that, a new area has been set up where Muslim types can go to pray away from all sensitive air ducts. The decision was made after everyone was forced to attend Muslim sensitivity class.

Wonderful. God bless America.

The Other Real Story of Thanksgiving

Today I received a thank you note from Neche United Methodist Church in Neche, North Dakota. I brought them to your attention a few weeks ago. Their membership has declined as Neche has declined. Here is some of what they wrote.

Your letter and check are very much appreciated and so unexpected. As treasurer of Neche Methodist I want to express thanks for all the members (62). . . the membership roll does not tell the whole story when there may be from 6 to 10 people on a Sunday. No Sunday School; no children!

Our pastor has been great to come the 17 miles each week for so few. . . he has 2 more churches. Come next Spring I am sure the decision will be made to close the doors.

I appreciated your scripture and read it along with your letter in church yesterday AM.

The verses I shared were from 2 Corinthians 8:9-15. I repeat my plea for these fine folks. You can be an encouragement and you never know, the Neche church may remain open if the Church responds.

Neche United Methodist Church
PO Box 76A
Neche, ND

The Real Story of Thanksgiving

This is not a touching story about the early founders of our country. Oh no, it’s a touching story about me and my very real Thanksgiving.

My dad died last Friday morning. I had spent several days with him and the family, mostly in the hospital, getting poor sleep and food. It was a relief to everyone, including him, when he died. But then later that Friday we began planning the Memorial Service and other death related tasks. I told my dad I would speak at his funeral, which was supposed to happen in another 9-15 months.

I spent the next few days ironing out my sermon and buying a suit etc. The memorial service came and went. Tuesday was the graveside service, which since that’s the kind of thing my dad would do and he wasn’t there, at least not in a speaking capacity, I did that too. Wednesday I spent the day with my mom telling people her husband was dead and what do we have to do now.

Meanwhile, my four-year old daughter was throwing up. Including one time when she made it to the toilet but sat on it and threw up on her pants and all over the floor with me outside the door shouting “Turn around! Turn around!”. Thursday we planned on going to my uncle’s for thanksgiving dinner. About 7 minutes down the road, my five-year old daughter threw up all over her new coloring book. No dinner.

We decided it would be best to make the six hour drive to our house before my wife or I got sick. Thanksgiving dinner consisted of a can of Pringles and Dr. Pepper we got at a gas station as everything else was closed for some holiday. I shared them with my son, one daughter who was not throwing up and my wife. The five-year old threw up every 45 minutes like clockwork.

Later that night, my wife and I got rid of our Pringles. Every hour from 2:45-7:45 I threw up. In the morning, my wife had to go to the grocery store. While we were gone we had a snow storm that dumped eight inches of heavy snow knocking our electric out for three days. My wife is the type that when something is out of the fridge for 15 minutes it “smells funny.” We had no food.

She thought she was healthy enough to go to the store and get some food. She started blacking out and collapsed to her knee twice in Wal-mart. Each time a woman saw her do it. Soon Wal-mart employees were hovering and putting my wife in a wheelchair. She made it home with crackers, chicken noodle soup and Sprite.

My head has been fuzzy all day, a bit dehydrated and sore, finally able to sit up and put two sentences together. Missed the garbage truck so now our two bags of rotten food will sit in my garage for another week.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Church Slaughter

Slaughtering an ox is a tradition some Africans do to commemorate a momentous event. An Anglican Church in South Africa wants to slaughter an ox to mark the beginning of a new diocese. Animal rights people are, of course, not happy with the plan.

The Reverend of the church said “Our church is a diverse church, diverse in culture, worshipping and spirituality, and people must appreciate that diversity because it indicates how different cultures worship God.”

I find this amazing, usually the Anglican Church is content to just slaughter Scripture.

Rim shot please.

Thank you and good night.

Spiritual Judd

Naomi Judd, who is the mother of the other two Judds based on my brief research and I’m willing to be wrong on that, has decided her contribution to the world now will be another talk show. It will air Sunday mornings on everyone’s favorite channel, Hallmark.

Judd said she plans for the show to examine spiritual issues. “I like the word ‘spiritual,’ don’t like the word ‘religious’ so much,” she said. “I feel that religion really divides and separates us. “I think the situation is that you’re actually a spiritual being having a human experience, and this is definitely going to be a voyage of self-discovery. I’m going to take you to the edge, and I’m going to give you multiple-choice questions.”

You know, I was hoping The Edge of Spirituality would consist of something a bit more exciting than a multiple choice quiz. Too bad she can’t just give One Answer. I predict the show will be a Judd Dud in about a year. First, no one can find the Hallmark Channel and second because our world doesn’t need more weepy women “discussing” spirituality.

Thanksgiving and Stuff

Thanksgiving is easy when things are happy. It’s not so easy when things are bad with ya. My dad has carved the turkey ever since I remember Thanksgiving. He’s always been the one I could go talk to when the rest of the relatives were playing games or watching Fiddler on the Roof or some other dumb thing.

Now what am I going to do? Guess I’ll have to be sociable or something. But, I’ll make it. I thank God for humor and being able to see the funny parts of sadness. I thank Him that I don’t have to worry about my dad having to miss Thanksgiving because he’s finally got everything to be thankful for.

I thank God that we have short memories and coping mechanisms to move on. I thank Him for family members who know how to cook. I thank Him that I know how to eat. I thank Him that my family is easy to get along with and fun to be with. I even thank Him for my sister, who is still offended about my comment the other day about her mental difficulties, for being a real good sister who is fun to goof off with even in hospital waiting rooms.

I hate it when people go on about what they are thankful for, makes me unthankful. I’ll stop now. But remember that even in seasons of trouble there is much to be thankful for. It’s vital that our prayers include thanksgiving, stop asking for blessings some time and notice the ones you have.

Christian Football Picks Week 12

Since I missed doing picks this past Sunday, I thought I’d pick the games today and this Sunday as well. I’m itching to get over grieving and get back to good old fashioned Christian judgmentalism.

Atlanta at Detroit
Georgia and Detroit are not very nice places, it would be good for God to prefer one over the other. But no task it too tough for God. Atlanta wins for two reasons 1) During the recent hurricane troubles Atlanta helped out quite a bit, although this seems to thwart God’s attempt to judge the sinners in New Orleans, they showed compassion, which still wins some points. Meanwhile, Detroit was just going along being sinful as usual, gearing up for their Halloween celebrations. 2) For years, Detroit has played football on Thanksgiving, ruining God’s holiday He made the founding fathers start. He’s wanted to kill them ever since.

Atlanta 35
Detroit 17

Denver at Dallas
This is an interesting matchup. We have the home states of George “Christian Lover” Bush going against the home state of Focus on the Family. Denver wins for two reasons, 1) God seems to like Focus on the Family this year quite a bit and although past performance is no indicator of future results, I think this will hold. 2) Dallas has for years interrupted family holidays so people watch football instead of talk.

Denver 24
Dallas 17

Harry Potter Meets Jesus

Harry Potter meeting Jesus seems like a good idea, one our world could use even. A Norwegian church is under fire for putting on a service dealing with the subject. “Organist Michael Servant played theme music from the movies while the priest, vicar and many children walked in procession dressed in red and black gowns.”

But, no church service will go unpunished, people are up in arms over the event. “The church has enough good stories,” Stornes said, noting that he has made good use of Noah’s Ark and St Francis of Assisi. His other criticism was that “Harry Potter’s literary universe is set in a magical adventure land, far from what children and youth today experience as relevant for their daily lives.”

But the event is considered a success as many kids who don’t go to church came. 85% of Norway’s population is baptized into the state church of Norway. Most of the 85% only attend church when it’s about Francis of Assisi or Harry Potter. Maybe less Potters and more pots would get Jesus in there more.

Jesus Has Gone To Pot

A resort in the Caribbean is now a destination for pilgrims after a face resembling Jesus appeared on a plant pot. Not a pot plant, but a pot with a plant in it. The face showed up after Hurricane Wilma swept through the area.

Locals are calling it a miracle because no one in the resort was hurt, except for minor bruising, and even the plant suffered no damage. This hotel was the only one not to evacuate its guests during the storm and Jesus came through for them.

No word as to when the pot will be on eBay.

Praise This!

A pastor who was preaching on giving thanks in every situation, was smacked in the head by a man responding to an altar call. “this guy walked forward. I thought he was coming to receive the Lord, but he had another plan.”

The man, visiting from a local mission, smacked the pastor in the eye, giving him a black eye and need for a few stitches. The pastor forgave him and continued with his sermon.

The pastor says he doesn’t know why he was punched but that the man who hit him, “has some issues.” I hope he gives thanks for his issues.

It Is Finished

Yesterday was the memorial service for my dad at his church, Central Bible in Aurora, IL. The family pretty much did everything, which is neat. My grandpa did a fine job telling the folks about Ken as a kid. My uncles read scripture, my brother in-law Steve played guitar and sang a fine song as well as helping with the audio and video of the event. His dad lead congregational singing and sang a fine solo of a song sung at my mom and dad’s wedding.

My sister gets a whole paragraph to herself. What a blessing she is to us all, being able to perform despite her mental inabilities. (My mother requested this line be removed. So I take it back.) She plays the piano quite well and played “joy” quite well last night. I wanted to give her a standing ovation but wanted to remain diginified. Booyah!

I gave a message on John 11 and the raising of Lazarus. Only the dead guy listened, everyone else in the chapter argued and doubted. My dad is dead, he is listening to God all the time. Listening to God is not a chore, it’s heaven. Glad I was able to make it through it.

This morning was the family memorial at the graveside. It was short and sweet. As sweet as a graveside service can be anyway.

So, it was all good. Life goes on now.

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