Worrying About Worry

My internet pal Scotte has cancer and it’s not going as well as he hoped. He was reading Matthew 8 about the disciples being freaked because they were perishing. They were freaked during the crisis and equally freaked when Jesus calmed their crisis.

Freaking out is a fine source of entertainment, but is that what we’re here to do? Is that what faith is about? I have no idea. But here are Scotte’s thoughts on the subject.

The Benefit of Church Splits

If you have been any kind of regular church attender for awhile, you have no doubt been part of a church argument. They happen. Most of us would rather prefer them not to happen.

Can’t we all just get along?

Nope, we’re gonna disagree and a verse in the Bible tells us that this is OK, it might even be helpful.

Got four minutes?

Resolutions destroy faith

Christians are usually trying to defeat one sin or behavior at any given time. We resolve to end it now, yet it never seems to work.

Resolutions are not your friend, they are a tool of Satan to get you to rely on yourself, causing your faith to falter and maybe even wander away.

Only two things can happen when you resolve to destroy sin and both can end up destroying your faith.

Got six minutes?

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