It’s Not Just The Pew That Stinks

A new study was done trying to figure out why people left their churches. The studiers were surprised to see that doctrinal issues ranked fairly low as a reason for people leaving the church. The main reason people left church was due to problems with other members.

“Most churchgoers who abandon their weekly worship do so because they have had a dispute with a fellow member of the congregation. A disagreement on a range of issues, from the way the organ is played to the content of the sermon, was the reason that nearly three quarters of respondents to a survey gave for why they felt people had left the Church.”

“It is not big doctrinal issues. Typical arguments take place over types of buildings, styles of worship, youth work. If not that, then they argue over the flower rota.”

Ah yes, proving another one of my points–all that other stuff (everything besides the preaching of Christ and Him crucified) is just there to divert attention and get people arguing. Satan is disguised as an angel of light and no doubt plays the organ in many churches. Nothing like the love of Christ bringing unity in the Body of Christ. We’re off, we’re way off. Time to come back.

7 thoughts on “It’s Not Just The Pew That Stinks”

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  3. The fact that the study seemed to be conducted with members of the Church of England and the Roman Catholic church has some implications to the study. They don’t have a doctrine worth sticking around for so I’m not surprised that it’s the other stuff that gets them leaving.

  4. I agree. But I wonder if those churches are that much different from others in regards to the people who attend them. Seems like they all have the same problems.

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