Reading a little A. W. Tozer now, which is a good thing to do as he has many excellent points excellently stated. Here is a quote from his book God Tells the Man Who Cares:

“The ideal Christian is who knows he is free to do as he will and wills to be a servant. This is the path Christ took; blessed is the man who follows Him”

That quote finished up his article on freedom. In order to guarantee the freedoms of others we all must limit our own. The true believer is willing to give up his will for the benefit of another. Christ is the prime example and we are now in His body; it’s what we are called to. The problem is that it’s not nearly as much fun as doing whatever you want. But the rewards for having done so are eternal and a great joy.

You thought your life was bad! Mike Tyson, who is $38 million in debt, made his return to the ring Friday night in order to win some money, but lost! He was knocked out in the fourth round and won a measly $8 million for his efforts, $3 million which he can keep after his creditors remove a cool $5 million.

The real problem is that now that he lost his asking price will be much less for follow-up fights. It’ll be awful hard for him to make up that debt.

One gets the feeling that some guys never learn. The sad thing is that Mike Tyson has a soul too and it seems as if someone might be trying to get his attention. Not sure it’s working.

Kabbalah, a mystic Jewish religion, has gained quite a bit of attention recently thanks to such religious minded people as Madonna and Britney Spears. Now Target stores are selling red Kabbalah string which protects you from such things as the evil eye and so forth. Hmm, the string is selling for over $20!

It truly is ridiculous what people will believe in. It’s, of course, a crutch and a sign of great stupidity to believe in Jesus Christ but oh, believing in a red string is the pinnacle of intellectual foresight and “coolness.” Whatever.

The book I’m reading, Not to the Strong, is dealing with Jephthah another judge of Israel. Besides having too many h’s in his name, you should also know that Jephthah was born to a prostitute. His father took responsibility for him and raised him in his house. However, Jephthah had brothers and as brothers often do, they pick out what makes a guy different and rip him constantly.

When Japhthah grew up he went as far from his family as he could. His whole upbringing was clouded by the fact he was born to a prostitute. But in his isolation and bitterness, Jephthah became very skilled at warfare and was used by God to deliver Israel.

It is amazing how God can use the negative events of our life for His glory. No one is too disgraced for His service. Today, of course, the prostitute would probably have an abortion. The Bible makes it clear that isolation and disgrace are almost necessary qualities of people who serve Him. When we are weak, He is made strong. Amen to that.

Amy Sullivan is a pundit at this week’s Democrat Convention in Boston. She is a reporter for Washington Monthly and is doing a blog from the convention. What makes her take on her party’s convention interesting is that she has been trying to convince her party of the importance of dealing with faith and religion. Among her comments is her tracking of how and where religion and faith is brought up. You may find her interesting and informative and you may not, guess you’ll just have to check it out!

I am currently reading Not to the Strong my Elwood McQuaid who is an author and speaker for the Friends of Israel Ministry. The book deals with the judges who judged Israel, people like Samson and Gideon. His point is that all these guys are messed up and yet they were still used by God to carry out His purposes. Conclusion–even the weak, and especially the weak, are the ones who usually do the most for the Lord.

In talking about Israel he mentions all the nations which consistently bug them. You hear about the Babylonians and the Romans and other major world powers, but you rarely hear documentaries or books about the Canaanites, the Hittities and the Jebusites etc. Yet these little powers were a constant source of trouble for Israel.

It’s easy to handle major problems sometimes, you see them clearly and take care of them as quickly as possible. Often it’s the little problems, the little gnat countries, that give us the most trouble in our Christian walk. It’s the flat tire or the drawer that won’t close right that gets us to sin before many other more serious issues. The Christian walk is one of always being on guard for what gnat-like problem is going to attack next. Israel had problems with the gnats and Christians have too. It’s the fiery darts not the bazookas that Satan uses best.

I know you’ve all been waiting and tonight has finally arrived, the all new show Amish in the City airs on everyone’s favorite network, UPN. The premise of this new reality show is to see how many times we can get Amish kids to sin and renounce their beliefs. Sounds like a fine premise. Too bad no one knows where the UPN network is. Too bad most other people have lives of their own.

It’s weird how in our world of “tolerance” and “acceptance” they can get away with something like this. Can you imagine them trying this with Muslims? I don’t think so. I’m sure it will prove once and for all that religion is stupid and a waste of fine young people. Oh well, there’s still football.