I always enjoy coming across Christian’s who approach their ministry with humor and light-heartedness. I have no idea how I came across this one but it’s pretty good. It took a while to figure out how to surf the site, not all the links work, but it’s worth the effort.

Their stated objective is: “This is the official publication of ‘The Institute for the Study of Atheianity.’
We are a group of bumbling Christian scholars studying the Natural habits of non-religious people in order to one day control them.”

Gotta like that!

The Chicago Bears signed Muhsin Muhammad to a six year contract the other day. I don’t know, call me a bigot or religio-phobe, but I’m not all that thrilled with rooting for a Muhammad. I’m sure he’s a fine individual. He is described as having “intangibles.” Oh great. That’s all the Bear’s need is more people with intangibles. I’ll be excited when they get someone on the team with a tangible–like the ability to catch a ball and still be able to move afterwards.

Anyway, how is it that in one aspect of life I find it hard to be in support of Muslims but when they catch a touchdown I’m all for them? Does that make me a hypocrite? Am I backing off of beliefs for the sake of a dumb game and an even dumber team? I don’t know, makes you wonder.

The season of bracketology is approaching. I got this great idea, anyone who’s interested can join a bracket group on Yahoo! and we can have a little friendly competition amongst ourselves. When the brackets come out on selection Sunday, you have three days to enter your bracket for a chance to win fabulous prizes. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll keep you posted on the details.

You thought TV in America was controversial! A new hubbub is brewing in Britain after a live exorcism was broadcast. The exorcism took about two minutes and didn’t feature any violence or shaking. In fact, the guy who was de-possessed said “It was the most relaxed deliverance I have ever had.”

What’s wrong with that statement? How many has he had!?

I find it interesting that exorcism is making its way into the news more frequently, maybe it’s just that I’m looking for it but I don’t know, it seems to be creeping up all over.

The reason why many are upset is because those who submit to an exorcism are often mentally disturbed and they fear what this TV attention will do to them. I guess there’s one simple way to solve this little problem, answer this question: What would Jesus do?

19 people ice fishing on Lake Erie have been rescued after the chunk of ice they were fishing on broke off and started floating away! What a trip that must have been. Redefines the “one that got away.”

Stories like this always make me wonder, what exactly in evolution makes the strong go rescue the weak? Wouldn’t having 19 competing fishermen drifting off improve your ability to catch fish and live? Aren’t morons who fish on thin ice deserving of their fate?

Love and compassion don’t fit into evolution and is the greatest argument against it. They can throw “why do bad things happen to good people” at us but we can just as equally throw back, “Why do people do good things for each other?”

Economists are examining whether a belief in God determines the amount of work you do. Comparing various nations based on their belief in God and their work output seems to indicate that those nations with more people believing in God produce more. Interesting.

But it’s hard to make direct correlations like this because it doesn’t always hold up–China produces tons and maintains an atheistic outlook. But it is interesting to see how it fits together. It’s also interesting from the standpoint that you can’t serve God and money and yet nations who believe in God have more money! Wonder how that works.

A man attempting to walk his way across the Canadian border in the middle of nowhere (he has a felony on his record and thus cannot cross legally) was found disoriented and frostbitten. What was his reason for doing this dangerous trek in winter? Political asylum? Drug trafficking? Attempt to get cheap prescription drugs for his dying grammama?

He was attempting to meet a woman he met on a depression chat group. Ah, the power of love to empty the brain.