Suing Your Brother

A pastor in California was recently on sabbatical and when he returned he found that his church had changed the locks and fired him. He was fired under allegations of being obsessed with another pastor’s wife and daughter and that he embezzled money.

The fired pastor is now suing the church for $15 million. “The lawsuit also describes accusations that Sabolick [the fired pastor] lied about having Jewish ancestors, fell under the control of Satan and “abused” his wife by making her wear “tight jeans.”

To top the whole thing off, one of the board members who was instrumental in firing him is his brother! You can read the story to see who you believe but surely something could be done “in house” to settle this without dragging the name of Christ through the mud again.

“For starters, Joe wants his old job back. “If someone steals your car and drives it around for a year, you don’t say, ‘Oh, go ahead and keep it,’ ” he said. No, but that’s kind of what the Bible says. But it also says not to lie about people, be jealous, don’t sue fellow believers, etc. What a mess.

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