What Would Mr Bean Do?

The Anglican Church has been struggling for years. No one goes anymore. The reason why is a mystery to the higher-ups of the Church. So they’ve been trying all manner of goofy thing to get people to come back. Here’s the latest.

Mr. Bean, the annoyingly stupid yet often funny, British comedian has joined forces with the Bishop of Manchester, Nigel McCulloch, in making a DVD encouraging people to come back to their church. The DVD features several hilarious cuts from Mr. Bean shows where he tries to fit in with the church crowd along with a sermon suggestion and ways to invite friends.

And there lies the problem. In order to see this video about going to church you have to go to church to see it. Hmm. Seems like they could have thought that out better. But before passing criticism, perhaps I should take the “bean” out of my eye first. I kill me.

5 thoughts on “What Would Mr Bean Do?”

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