No Visioned People Perish

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” This verse is thrown around by guys making vision statements for their courageous life plans.

Here’s a funny thing, the word “perish” actually means “be made naked,” seriously, look it up. The next time a guy guilts you into brainstorming for the mission statement of your churchy group, help him out by sharing with the group that anyone who does not participate will be forced to strip naked in accordance with Scripture.

You might also want to add this tidbit: Proverbs 29:18 has a whole other phrase in it after the vision phrase. Here’s the whole verse, “where there is no vision the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

The “vision” in mind is God’s Law, it’s not your mission statement.

So, anyway, this post is a lot shorter because I was going to lay out for you my purpose driven mission statement for my life and a way for you to form your own life-vision, but alas, my unfortunate biblical exposition practices stop me short once again.

Peculiar People

Titus 2:14 and 1 Peter 2:9 both talk about Christians being “peculiar people.” Some have taken this to mean that Christians should be weird.

The word has to do with possession and nothing to do with being odd. Believers are a people that belong to God as we have been purchased.

I’d love to turn this post into a checklist of things to do to be peculiar, but I can’t because that’s not the idea at all. It is describing the reality of the believers situation.

Yup. So, this post is a lot shorter than it could have been if I did Bible exposition the typical way, which is 1) get a point, followed by 2) find a verse that you think says your point.

Does The Church Want God’s Word?

The other day I received an email from an excellent Christian thinker and good friend who said the following:

There are many infections in the church.

*One is the Catholic exaltation of church leadership and authority at the expense of the scripture.
*Another is the Pentecostal exaltation of human experience at the expense of the scripture.
*Another is the exaltation of pagan determinism (Calvinism or Augustinianism–More properly Augustinianism for it was Augustine that, by his reaction against Pelagius, (and his {Pelagius’s} determination to show that man can save himself), threw out the baby of human responsibility with the bathwater of human effort.) ) at the expense of the scripture.

All of these undermine faith and the faith. All of these are growing. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. When the Son of Man cometh will he find faith on the earth?”

I told him I really liked that statement and I was going to borrow it. So, now I’ve borrowed it.

Church History is full of attempts to replace the Bible as our Authority. Every heresy attempts to undermine confidence in God’s Word, to pull people from the Words of Life and toward some form of human co-dependency.

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Sin is Bad

The best article on the Internet so far today is over at Pyromaniacs. It deals with sin and the various ways we avoid having to deal with it, all with a supposed biblical perspective.

In all of our doctrinal theorizing and attempts to be acceptable to the world, we’ve lost sight of a very simple fact: sin is bad.

Sunday’s Forecast for Pastors

Here’s a little word from Ezekiel for all you pastors getting ready to “preach it” tomorrow.

“So they come to you as people do, they sit before you as My people, and they hear your words, but they do not do them; for with their mouth they show much love, but their hearts pursue their own gain.

“Indeed you are to them as a very lovely song of one who has a pleasant voice and can play well on an instrument; for they hear your words, but they do not do them.”

Has God Forsaken the U.S.?

Bottled water might be a sign of God’s judgment. I mention that mostly in jest, I don’t honestly believe that. It’s a thing called “humor,” which I possess to varying degrees depending on time of day, diet, audience and behavioral characteristics of any children who happen to be around me.

I still think the prophets can tell us what a nation looks like when God gives up on it. There’s nothing new under the sun. Isaiah 3 shows a judgment of God, a sign that God has turned a nation over to its own way. It’s also a characteristic of our nation that continually drives me nuts.

I’ll let Isaiah say it, “as for my people, children are their oppressors and women rule over them.”

In other words, a nation that God has forsaken does not have healthy men leading the way. Instead it has kids and women taking over everything. Every television show or commercial portrays dad’s as idiots, mom’s as the true leader and children as the smartest, most logical people in any given situation.

I could go on, but I doubt I can convey my point accurately enough so I’ll let it sit there. The more I talk the more I’ll say something dumb that will make you ignore my point and not consider it.