Just finished the Breslin book. I enjoyed it but several problems with it are:

His writing is occasionally confusing to me, I didn’t always follow his stories or get his points.

His solution is apparently to allow women to be priests, which seems to duck the issue. The issue, as I see it, is a total lack of biblical foundation for their doctrine, that’s where I would start. He prefers a social gospel–take care of the poor and help women, blacks, Jews, homeless, AIDS victims, etc. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those things, but relying just on that, again, misses what our foundation is supposed to be–Christ and His Word. You can’t have a true social gospel–renewing the minds of society–without an emphasis on the gospel of the Mystery of Christ.

His accounts of abuse are often disturbing, more information than I needed and isn’t uplifting, but he had to relate them to get his point across, which he did. It’s hard to recommend someone read this book when this stuff is in there. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Several other Catholic things that bother Jimmy Breslin:

The idea of “limbo,” which is supposed to be the place where babies go when they die, not quite heaven and not quite hell. Where did this come from?

Eating meat on Fridays used to be a mortal sin, you could go to hell for it, but in some countries it was ok because they didn’t have fish. Then, the Catholic Church scrapped the whole idea and Catholics can eat meat on Fridays. Breslin wonders what the guys burning in hell from eating meat on Fridays 200 years ago feel about this change!

How can sinful people grant absolution and forgiveness of sin? An excellent question, one hopes Breslin comes across Hebrews and Paul talking about Christ being the one and only High Priest. People can’t do it Jimmy!

The transformation of the bread and wine into Christ’s body and blood was done by the magic touch of the priest’s index finger and thumb and only priests could accomplish this miracle. But now laypeople can do it, even women. How can they change these rules like that?

Breslin is also greatly disturbed by the buildings and property the Catholic Church owns in the midst of poverty. He’s got some points and he makes them and Catholic leaders hate this guy!

Just came across another blog that mentioned a dentist Paddi Lund who transformed his dental business by locking his door, taking his name out of the phone book and firing half his CUSTOMERS and by doing so increased his profits by 3 1/2 times and decreased his work time by 22 hours!

He has written several books about his novel business ideas, which I just might have to check out. I find it cool to see people do things differently than others and prove that common sense is not always sense!

A new study on internet use shows that using the internet takes away time from watching tv, socializing and sleeping. Cool. The article states, “an hour of time spent using the Internet reduces face-to-face contact with friends, co-workers and family by 23.5 minutes, lowers the amount of time spent watching television by 10 minutes and shortens sleep by 8.5 minutes.”

Hope my web site is not taking away any much needed sleep or talking with friends, it’s ok if it takes away form tv though. You take the good with the bad.

Jimmy Breslin is very disappointed with the Catholic Church! He is investigating some of the charges against various priests and is appalled with the church’s response. One priest just sent a letter saying basically, hey, I messed up, please forgive me.

One lady tried committing suicide four times before she was able to get help and realized that these horrible things had happened to her that she couldn’t let go but her kid mind tried to get rid of. She also has HIV now thanks to the priest who molested over 100 kids. She is now a director of a hospital treating HIV victims.

It’s sick, it really is. Hard to know what to say beyond that. Sick.

On top of that he recounts seeing a priest sanctify a cemetery by turning like a sprinkler spraying holy water and various other ridiculous things. Even more sick that people are being led into believing they are eternally secure because they go to mass every week. For some time the Catholic Church said not attending mass or not paying attention is an unforgivable sin and guilty ones will go to hell.

Perhaps people would come and pay attention if they didn’t cover up the exciting message of grace. Perhaps making church boring and irrelevant is a bigger sin than not going to a church that is!

I began reading a book last night from the library entitled “The Church That Forgot Christ.” Jimmy Breslin is pretty fed up with his Catholic Church. The book is basically him railing against the priest sexual misconduct accusations and the lack of sincerity in dealing with them by the Catholic higher-ups. He also is bothered by the lavish buildings being built and maintained while all this is going on.

He is primarily dealing with the Church in New York City and their ill-treatment of the poor, which is his way of saying they are forgetting Christ. He makes some interesting points and certainly comes across as totally ticked off. Kind of good reading!