Where Would Jesus Throw Diapers?

That question has boggled the minds of the best theologians for years. And, now we know. A woman pulled up to the Salt Lake LDS temple and ran up to the gates with her three-year old son and threw a diaper in. Security then chased her around and caught her.

“She said, ‘My blood is their covenant and I’m here to cut that.’ At one point she claimed to be Jesus.”

She has now been hospitalized and her son taken into protective custody. I don’t know, I can kind of relate to this woman. Not the whole Jesus bit, but the “Good grief, what do I do with this loaded diaper?” problem. If I had been around the LDS temple, I may have considered the same action. My son has created diapers that ended many covenants.

2 thoughts on “Where Would Jesus Throw Diapers?”

  1. I’ve heard about another diaper throwing story. A pastor was doing some counseling, I think it was Romaine, of calvary chapel costa mesa, and the guy was whining about something. He took a diaper out of his desk drawer, threw it at him, and told him to put it on because he was being a baby.

    I think I might try it someday.

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