Precious Families

Tennessee investigators were in Alabama questioning the wife of a slain minister Friday, two days after he was found shot to death in a bedroom of their church parsonage. Matthew Winkler, a 32-year-old minister at Selmer’s Church of Christ, was found dead in the parsonage Wednesday after he missed an evening service and church members went searching for him.

Mary Winkler was found with the couple’s three young daughters late Thursday in Orange Beach, Ala., 340 miles south of the Selmer church. She had not been arrested or charged, but authorities said she was a suspect in the shooting.

“The kids are just precious, and she was precious,” Killingsworth, a church member, said. “He was the one of the best ministers we’ve ever had — just super charisma.”

This is a breaking story so it’s hard to draw any conclusions from it. What I do know is that many “precious families” aren’t really. Pray for your family and the families of those you know.

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  1. Aren’t last names interesting?
    The witness/friend that was interviewed for this article has the last name of “killingsworth.”


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