Ah, Sweet Memories

When I was a kid my family and I would go on numerous vacations driving all over the country. Being as we were a pastor’s family, we would always notice local churches. I remember my mother driving past signs for towns with funny names and making comments to my dad about having a church there.

For instance, Embarrass, Wisconsin, “Oh Ken, how would you like to be the pastor of Embarrass Baptist Church?” Or Skunk Creek, Montana, “Ken, how would you like to pastor Skunk Creek Bible Church?”

Well, I saw an article this morning that kicked off these fine memories. I only wish we did more traveling in North Central Arkansas. Here is the line I read, “Men of all ages are invited to attend a fishing seminar and dinner hosted by First Baptist Church of Flippin on Tuesday, March 28.”

Oh, what I wouldn’t have given as a little boy to hear my sweet mother say, “Oh Ken, how would you like to pastor the Flippin Bible Church?” First Flippin Church. Flippin Catholic Church. Flippin Willowcreek. Oh, that’s good stuff.

One thought on “Ah, Sweet Memories”

  1. My very favorite was “Ken, how would you like to be pastor of the Boring Bible Church?”


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