Theological Word Of Today

Today’s Theological Word is: Hermeneutics. Hermeneutics.

The only people who use this word are people who went to seminary or want to sound like they did. Upon hearing this word, my brain conjures up images of nerds running around with no clothes on. Not a very good word for me.

A “hermeneutic” is an outline or structure by which you interpret the Bible. You may have a Covenant hermeneutic or a dispensational hermeneutic. What you read in the Bible will be understood against your basis of interpretation, your hermeneutic. “Hermeneutics” refers then to the principles you will use to interpret a text.

Let’s say I have the “God is a woman” hermeneutic. My interpretation of every verse in the Bible will be read through this hermeneutic. That being the case, I will not use the same hermeneutics to interpret a passage as a sane person would, but rather I would use the hermeneutic which would shape each verse to prove that God was a woman.

If you have a messed up hermeneutic you will have a messed up interpretation of Scripture. Got it? Now you can confidently go forth and pretend you went to seminary.

3 thoughts on “Theological Word Of Today”

  1. I loved hermeneutics! Mainly because I was crushin’ on the guy I sat next to. Isn’t that theological of me?

  2. I hated hermeneutics! No one to crush on and the professor was SO boring. It was a helpful class but I am afraid it was early and I kept dozing!!

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