You What What?

Last night I was doing Council Time for our 3-6 grade kids at our Awana Club. I have been talking about aspects of God for several months so I thought it would be interesting to give them a chance to ask me any questions they had about God instead of me just going on with what I thought they should hear.

It was quite interesting. Kids are capable of thinking. One girl then asked this question after someone asked how God made Adam, “Is it true that women have one more rib than men? My science book says they do.”

Now, I have never heard this before and I was a bit taken aback that her science book would say that. I did a search on the internet and came up with tons of web sties explaining that men and women have the same amount of ribs and that Adam did not change the rib cages of humanity.

I couldn’t believe she said this was in her science book. But, then again, she is homeschooled and I know enough about Christian publishing to know you can’t hardly believe anything they publish. I sure hope this error is taken care of before we train too many more kids to look completely stupid.

3 thoughts on “You What What?”

  1. Actually as strange as it is I too came across the same belief ages ago! It was in a christian publication but I couldn’t tell you which, I was 13 at the time(ages ago!!) It was also in the same book with the belief that before God created us on this earth there was a completely seperate species here first! They took it that the earth was here before as a planet to someone els and I guess God must have gotten sick of them and wiped them out to start over! I guess those people were a bit bored and really dumb I mean, If someone wre to surgically remove my rib, my son or daughters would still have the normal amount! And I can vouch for our homeschooling books and none of that nonsense is in them(I hope!!)

  2. Your refutation is exactly right. Not to mention that it assumes Eve’s rib cage was already made! He didn’t add a rib to Eve, He took one from Adam and made a whole new person with a brand new rib cage. Christian thought has suffered lower points but this is pretty close to rock bottom.

  3. Jeff,
    Actually, I have heard that too. A lot of Christians say that and I too, checked several years ago and found that it wasn’t right.

    Just another thing Christians believe without thinking. We need to use the wisdom God gave us.

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