Theological Word Of Today

Today’s theological word is Nestorianism. Nestorianism.

Nestorianism is the study of the biblical teaching on the living places of birds. It is rather a limited study and yet, as with most theological concepts, people make the Bible say lots more than it really does.

OK, I just made that up. Nestorianism is the teaching that Jesus Christ was not divine and human at the same time. In fact, Jesus was divine in heaven but became just a guy on earth and then returned to heaven to be God again. They would never say that “God suffered” because He didn’t, Jesus the guy did.

Nestorianism was labeled a heresy back in the fifth century. It is named after the notorious Nestorius. This is somewhat unfortunate for Nestorius because he was opposed to this teaching his whole life! In fact, Nestorius was in the argument because he said that Mary was not the mother of God, just of Christ. So people labeled him as saying that Jesus was two people.

Nestorius’s dying words were “I never. . .” Not really, I made that up too.

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