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Today’s Theological Word is Progressive Dispensationalism. Progressive Dispensationalism.

(Yes, I understand that is really two words, work with me.) I have had the book Progressive Dispensationalism sitting on the floor of my basement for about two years now, ready to be read whenever I felt sufficiently inspired to do so. I finally did. It should have stayed on the floor.

If you are not familiar with basic dispensational thought none of this will make sense to you, so don’t worry about it. If you are familiar with dispensational thought this will make a little bit of sense to you.

Progressive Dispensationalism is an attempt to compromise between dispensational thought and covenant theology. It deals with the various covenants of God (Noah, Abraham, David. . .) as dealt with through the dispensations. It ceases to find a clear distinction between Israel and the Church. It goes so far as to say that the Church is a form of the kingdom now and that Jesus is the King of the Church.

This article will explain the dangers of it more than I ever will. If you are interested in more information about this topic please consult the book I read. It explains where they are coming from.

3 thoughts on “Theological Word Of Today”

  1. I see it as progressive that you’re using two words for your theological word of the day.
    Progressive Dispensationalists are men who got scared and had to somehow make everyone happy, instead of taking a stand.

  2. After you read PRETRIB RAPTURE DIEHARDS on the search engine of your choice, you may be tempted to refer to a certain system as dishonestpensationalism! Louise

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