A Pet Peeve

The Trinity is one of those things. Scripture clearly says that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are all God. Scripture also clearly says there is one God. It makes as much sense as the idea that all believers are one in Christ.

However, since scripture says it, I believe it. As Christians have developed the concept of the Trinity, I think we have gotten a bit flippant in our discussions of it.

People like to simplify things but often in our simplicity we misstate things. There are three persons in the Godhead. I often hear people rank the persons of the Godhead. The First person is the Father, the Son is the Second Person and the Spirit is the Third Person.

That bugs me. There is no ranking like that in Scripture. It makes it sound like the Spirit is the least in importance and the Son is tucked in between somewhere.

I beg to differ. They are all essential, necessary and equal. There is no ranking system. God is not subject to the BCS. It’s a three-way tie for first.

2 thoughts on “A Pet Peeve”

  1. I’m a little confused, Jeff. Are you saying there is no submission/authority within the Trinity?

    (I don’t think anyone is arguing that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are unequal in essence…they just have different roles.)

  2. I am not saying there is no submission, but I don’t think submission does away with the fact that they are equal in rank. God has submitted to men from time to time by submitting to man’s requests yet God is not ranked below humans at that point. Husbands and wives are equal, as they are one flesh, and yet the wife is to sumbit. The Body of Christ is many members but all one body and each member is to submit to one another.

    God is one god, He reveals Himself in three ways. All three ways are equal and one. Each is vital. To rank them, in my mind, seems to give the wrong impression. I know most believers wouldn’t argue over the equality issue, but why do we use a ranking system to give the idea that we don’t think they are equal? I think we could be more consistent.

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