Jesus Don’t Float

A church has gotten in trouble over the float they put in their town’s Holiday Lighting Parade. The float depicted a crucified, bloodied and battered Jesus with the words “The greatest gift–His blood.”

“It’s a lesson learned and we apologize to anyone offended. That was sure not our intent, and it was not on the entry form,” said Terry Cooper, executive director of the Coeur d’Alene Downtown Association.

Potter’s House Pastor Chris Wendt said the church did not intend to offend people, but the cross and blood of Jesus are polarizing. “You are either for it or against it,” Wendt said Monday.

How can they say they didn’t intend to offend anyone? Paul calls it “the offense of the cross.” Paul was even handling it rightly, unlike this church and their little stunt. Just because Mel Gibson thinks it’s good to splatter blood everywhere doesn’t mean we need to do this.

One thought on “Jesus Don’t Float”

  1. I liked the float except for their botching the entry form, and their poor explanation of their message.

    I suppose you could go overboard with the blood thing if it’s not in the spirit of teaching.

    I never will see Mel Gibson’s Passion movie but I’m guessing you’re right on that one, even though introducing the phony apocrypha was probably worse than the actual blood. I thank God I don’t have Mel’s version of that day in my head.

    But I can’t tell where your tongue is inside your cheek in this post.

    When I think about how many people get light headed at any mention of blood I don’t quite see how any of this is going to be well recieved. I personally don’t have the lightheaded blood response.

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