Purpose Doesn’t Drive Well

The Purpose Driven Life remains number two on the cba hardcover bestseller list. But Purpose Driven the organization is over. Created amid the unprecedented popularity of Rick Warren’s book, Purpose Driven ministries has lost its CEO, seen its staff reduced by a third, and significantly drawn back its services.

Perhaps this is evidence that purpose shouldn’t be the main motivator for success in life. In fact, I’ve always thought faith was the key to Christian life.

John 3:8 says those who are born of the Spirit are like the wind, they don’t know where they come from or where they are going.

Faith is removed the minute you know what you’re doing! God has things planned for us we couldn’t even imagine. When we assume we know our purpose, perhaps we limit what God can accomplish and get sucked into the way the world thinks.

Then your organization, that was founded to give purpose, ends up going under because maybe it wasn’t such a good purpose to begin with.

I’m sure I’m just serving sour grapes, but that’s fine. It’s fun.

One thought on “Purpose Doesn’t Drive Well”

  1. I’m a little surprised how many purpose driven bibles, or interpretation bibles, he uses to get his points across. Most of them don’t match up at all with my NASB. Very frustrating to have to buy in to all the agenda driven bibles he draws from. To many interpretations out there which represent themselves as bibles. The apostle Paul railed against that sort of thing.

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