Better Sinner Than Jesus

Hebrews 4:15 says that Jesus can sympathize with us because He knows what temptation is. He was tempted in every way as we are but He never sinned.

Is that really true?

I found an exception, I think, maybe it’s an exception that proves the rule.

Ever get defeated because you just sinned? You know you just blew your testimony? That you just did something really dumb and it leads you into a whole other slew of sins?

I know what that is like. Can Jesus really sympathize in all points?

He doesn’t know the disappointment of having blown it. He doesn’t know the pity party of guilt. He doesn’t know the pain of having let people down because He sinned in front of them.

I do. It stinks. Does this prove Hebrews 4:15 is false?

3 thoughts on “Better Sinner Than Jesus”

  1. Jeff

    You don’t have to do something to know what it feels like! Jesus was like we are, but without sin – he can’t know what it is like to sin, but he can know and does know what it feels like to want to sin…

    But remember – God’s grace is always greater than our sin… We’re forgiven when we repent, we just have to let ourselves be forgiven.

  2. Yeah, but Hebrews does not just say he felt tempted like we are, it says he was tempted like we are in all points.

  3. …And Jesus didn’t have a computer, so how could he be tempted to look at internet porn?

    The answer probably lies in the fact that Jesus faced all the same kinds of temptations we do. He certainly faced the temptation of self pity…just look how crappy a lot of his life was. He may not have faced it for all the same reasons we sometimes do, but the sin over which he was victorious was the same as ours.

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