British Airways Caves In

The employee of British Airways that got busted for wearing a cross has finally won. After receiving tons of criticism for their decision to forbid the wearing of a cross, BA has given up.

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, who had spearheaded the attack on BA, greeted the climbdown with relief. ‘Amen,’ he said. ‘This is excellent news for Nadia, BA and society as a whole.’

Seriously, all society is better because of this?

The airline had faced four days of angry condemnation from an overwhelming alliance of Cabinet ministers, 100 MPs, 20 Church of England bishops and, finally, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Are there not better things to do, like halting the raping of manger animals?

The bottom line is that this “devoted follower of Christ” was breaking the rules that forbid the wearing of any visible jewelry while working. She broke the rules. This wasn’t about a cross, it was about a rule they had that little Ms Jesus Lover broke. Ah, but all society is better off now that Christians no longer have to follow rules.

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  1. The Archbishope of York is a great guy, calling the Church back to repentance and to a gospel agenda…

    but he really seems to have lost the plot on this one, as did all those religious nut types who got their knickers in a twist (as we say in England) about this… I can’t really see Jesus getting all upset about wearing jewellery. I’m pretty sure that there are more important things to be het up about! Surely our life should be our witness anyway, not what we wear (this coming from a man who wears a dress to work…)

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