New Jesus Society

Today was the the inauguration of the Saint Theresa of Child Jesus Society of the Church. Sorry you missed it. The Very Reverend Father leading the ceremony urged Christians to continue to pursue the path of peace and love that Christ stood for by living in harmony with themselves and members of other religious organizations.

I don’t remember at what point Jesus lived in harmony with religious organizations but I’ll take their word for it. Then comes this rousing conclusion.

Mrs. Agnes Buah, President of the Asankrangwa branch of the society said members would work hard to sustain the society and ensure the growth of the Church. On behalf of the society, she presented four ceiling fans worth more than 600,000 cedis to the Church.

To me, that’s funny. Ceiling fans? Of all the things that would ensure growth in the church and sustain the new organization she gives them ceiling fans. That’s what Jesus would do I guess, they’ll get the rushing mighty wind one way or another.

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