The Real Story of Thanksgiving

This is not a touching story about the early founders of our country. Oh no, it’s a touching story about me and my very real Thanksgiving.

My dad died last Friday morning. I had spent several days with him and the family, mostly in the hospital, getting poor sleep and food. It was a relief to everyone, including him, when he died. But then later that Friday we began planning the Memorial Service and other death related tasks. I told my dad I would speak at his funeral, which was supposed to happen in another 9-15 months.

I spent the next few days ironing out my sermon and buying a suit etc. The memorial service came and went. Tuesday was the graveside service, which since that’s the kind of thing my dad would do and he wasn’t there, at least not in a speaking capacity, I did that too. Wednesday I spent the day with my mom telling people her husband was dead and what do we have to do now.

Meanwhile, my four-year old daughter was throwing up. Including one time when she made it to the toilet but sat on it and threw up on her pants and all over the floor with me outside the door shouting “Turn around! Turn around!”. Thursday we planned on going to my uncle’s for thanksgiving dinner. About 7 minutes down the road, my five-year old daughter threw up all over her new coloring book. No dinner.

We decided it would be best to make the six hour drive to our house before my wife or I got sick. Thanksgiving dinner consisted of a can of Pringles and Dr. Pepper we got at a gas station as everything else was closed for some holiday. I shared them with my son, one daughter who was not throwing up and my wife. The five-year old threw up every 45 minutes like clockwork.

Later that night, my wife and I got rid of our Pringles. Every hour from 2:45-7:45 I threw up. In the morning, my wife had to go to the grocery store. While we were gone we had a snow storm that dumped eight inches of heavy snow knocking our electric out for three days. My wife is the type that when something is out of the fridge for 15 minutes it “smells funny.” We had no food.

She thought she was healthy enough to go to the store and get some food. She started blacking out and collapsed to her knee twice in Wal-mart. Each time a woman saw her do it. Soon Wal-mart employees were hovering and putting my wife in a wheelchair. She made it home with crackers, chicken noodle soup and Sprite.

My head has been fuzzy all day, a bit dehydrated and sore, finally able to sit up and put two sentences together. Missed the garbage truck so now our two bags of rotten food will sit in my garage for another week.

Happy Thanksgiving.

6 thoughts on “The Real Story of Thanksgiving”

  1. You’re welcome. I hadn’t even thought about how little time you had to prepare for the message. I doesn’t seem anyone was prepared for him to go so quickly. My prayers are with all of you in these difficult days ahead.

  2. I did the same thing as your daughter when i was a kid. I went to the bathroom and puked on the floor right in front of the toilet.

    I can remember my mom being really frustrated that I couldn’t make it that 12 inches more to the toilet. Only problem I was sitting on the toilet because the flu was impacting both ends.

    Puking blows. Literally, and figuratively.

  3. Thanks for sharing Josh. I know I am a better man after having read your words. Thank you.

    In his bowels,


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