Boston Tree Party

Boston has an annual Christmas tree, but this year they renamed it “the holiday tree.” Christians, who are busy spreading the Gospel, were not available for comment.

However, other “Christians” who were not quite so busy spreading the Gospel and have plenty of free time to get worked up about inane things were available for comment.

“There’s been a concerted effort to steal Christmas,” Jerry Falwell told Fox Television. Falwell and the conservative Liberty Counsel led a campaign that threatened to sue anyone who spreads what they see as misinformation about Christmas celebrations in public spaces.

Glad they are so principled. That’s what Jesus would do. Since when does a Christmas tree have anything to do with Christianity anyway? Are there not bigger issues?

2 thoughts on “Boston Tree Party”

  1. Probably about as much as the world lifting the holiday of Thanksgiving from the nation of Israel. As the Christian radio program I was listening to tonight would have it. Which, to me at least, is quite a stretch. Could the nation of Israel really be responsible for such a boring holiday? I don’t think even a good patent infringement lawyer would see enough similarities to make a case for it. The jewish festival of Boothes was really quite an event it seems. If only God had thought so too… I’m guessing that the Hallmark Card Co. is partly responsible for the Thanksgiving holiday. But, as for Mr. Falwell, I think things have been pretty slow and he is trying to drum up a little press for himself. Afterall, it’s almost time for him to run for president again. I think the sooner someone catches him cross-dressing or something the more unified the Body of Christ will be.

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