Jesus and Babies

Hear me carefully now, I do not like abortion. I don’t like it. I think it’s a despicable practice. I think it is murder.

However, I do think the Church has gotten a wee bit carried away with their rantings about it and making people who have abortions feel like they are destined for hell.

Perhaps we overvalue the “sanctity of life.” When Jesus was born lots of babies were killed (Matthew 2:16-18). Couldn’t God have done it another way, since He’s in control of everything? Couldn’t God change Roe vs. Wade?

There’s a reason why it’s here. Perhaps it’s God’s way of getting more people to heaven since the Church is fairly inept at doing so.

But it also needs some perspective from time to time. Just think about it, that’s all.

2 thoughts on “Jesus and Babies”

  1. These are my condensed feelings on the subject of Christians labeling other Christians according to their political views. If, as in John 1:13, a child can be created from the will of the flesh and/or the will of man,
    not of God, as the verse seems to say, then that raises questions. And if it’s necessary to
    become a part of the body of Christ in order to be sanctified and apart from it be just sinful
    flesh then is there a “sanctity of life” apart from the body of Christ? If not then it seems to
    boil down to personal opinion over which is more revolting to you, a child whose natural
    parents don’t want it or those same abominable parents stopping the disaster they
    themselves alone choose to begin. And Christians responding by forcing of a pair of
    people to follow through and victimize the child is morally useless by itself. The real
    answer seems to be in sharing the Gospel with these people, not the Law , the Gospel.
    Showing them the possibilities and power they can enlist to aid in their self-control and
    controlling their lusts by recieving the Spirit after discovering and recieving God’s Son.
    Showing them that sex means you are going to make a child and that it has serious
    implications. Letting them see the importance and worth and joy of being a loving parent
    raising a loving child. If I have a hard time finding any Christians doing that then think of
    how hard it must be for the people who aren’t even looking for it to find it. All I here is
    murder, murder, murder. The Gospel is so much more than that. And after abortion has been banned and illegal abortions thrive then maybe the fight will finally follow God’s lead and turn towards the battle ground of the “heart” and away from the legal system.

  2. I hear ya. I still think it’s murder though, but the gospel works for murderers too. In fact, if it weren’t for murder, Christ may still be physically living on earth! But I do think the “sanctity of life” argument is overused and pretty much to the point of being meaningless.

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