Only in America

A guy from Pittsburgh got out of his shower and noticed a water stain on his wall that looked just like Jesus! It’s up on eBay right now.

Happy Bidding!

2 thoughts on “Only in America”

  1. This is some of the text from his description:

    “I got out of the shower today and yelled, “Jesus Christ!” and my girlfriend asked me, “Oh my God what is it?” I pointed and responded, “No – Jesus Christ!”

    “Attached are actual photos of what I was pointing at. (sorry, Mom – I ended a sentence with a preposition, I know.)”

    I find it ironic that he’s living with his girlfriend (or at least she’s around while he bathes), but it’s the preposition on the end of his sentence that he feels he needs to apologize for.

  2. Never underestimate the power of poor grammar. That’s why prepositions are words I never end sentences with.

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