Sleeping Christians

I’m not quite sure how hyper-sensitive Christians have missed out on this opportunity to protest something. Maybe they are all on vacation or something. Perhaps I will be the first to enlighten them to the newest threat to our children.
The other day it was approximately 127 degrees outside and my wife didn’t want to make supper so we went to the local Burger King. We got kid meals for our kids. They each got one of the Fantastic 4 promotional toys in their meals.

It was Mr. Fantastic, a superhero that can stretch. There are a few things I wish to point out about this toy.

1. the awkward pose he has.
2. purple gloves
3. purple boots
4. he’s named Mr. Fantastic.

If a teletubby is bad for our kids and turning them into flaming homosexuals, I’m not quite sure how this Burger King toy is not doing the same thing. Where is the outrage?

5 thoughts on “Sleeping Christians”

  1. I think the only “sick” thing is your mind; you obviously have a lot of free time (or else K-Y) on your hands…

  2. I didn’t miss the point in the least…I know it was an attempt at satire, as are several other items on your blog. It does however come across as much like (or even moreso) pomposity on your part, assuming some sort of posture “above” other holy-rollers. I wasn’t aware that different levels of hypocisy existed even among the “holy” sheeple themselves.

  3. There are different levels of hypocrisy and I just happen to be on the top level and I worked hard to get here. 1 Corinthians 5:12 tells me to judge those within the faith and not those outside the faith. That’s what I’m doing. Trying to keep the church accountable.

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