One of the main jobs of a prophet is being annoying. They do a fine job. Reading the prophets in the Old Testament somewhat quickly gets really old. Everything they say is doom and gloom–Jerusalem will be wiped out, the Babylonians will enslave you, the land will dry up, etc. “Yeah, yeah, yeah” you can hear their audience mumble.

To make it worse, the only solution is to return to the Lord and obey His commandments–even more annoying! “Get off our back man.” you can hear them whine.

You really can’t get past it in the Bible–there are plenty of doom and gloom things going on in it. A person who has to speak forth what the Bible says has to say lots of doom and gloom things and be met with “Yeah, yeah, yeah, get off our backs man.” It aint no fun, which is why most believers don’t do it. Plus there’s that whole “grace” thing, much easier to talk about.

Paul repeats the words of Isaiah–“all the prophets have come and gone and I am the only one left and now they seek to kill me too.” Although sticking to truth isn’t easy, it’s the only thing that will help. The watchman is accountable to give a warning, not to make people listen, the choice to listen lies solely in the ears of the hearer.

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