There was one point I wanted to make in this morning’s message that I didn’t (which doesn’t surprise me because generally I want to make approximately 5.3 billion points a message and I’m always surprised which ones make it and which ones don’t) which, in all reality, was a brilliant point so I’ll share it here, no sense wasting my rare moments of brilliance.

One of the problems of knowing things like God does is that He knows our sin before we ever commit it. He sees it coming, He knows it’s about to hit. That’s even worse than being surprised by it.

There are certain people that you get to know fairly well in life and you know how they will do things. You know how they’ve hurt you before and you know how they’ll hurt you again. You see it coming but you stick in there anyway, hoping maybe this time they won’t.

Then they do.

Oh does that hurt. It hurts even worse to know it’s coming. God knows what’s coming, it hurts, yet He still loves us. That is so amazing to me. I think of this point often in Spring Training.

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