I was reading something about Nazi Germany and how Neville Chamberlain thought the best way to handle Hitler was to appease him. After giving in to Hitler over and over it became clear that Hitler was a really bad guy and not responding with niceness.

The US remained neutral, also appeasing Hitler, until Japan made the mistake of awakening the sleeping giant. Once force was properly applied, Germany and Japan and their evil rulers were taken care of.

Bad people are bad. They do bad things. They take advantage of what is good. Trying to deal with evil people with nice words will never work. Evil people must be met with force.

Romans 13 says the government has the responsibility to respond with the force of the sword to those who are practicing evil. All we need do is look to God for a good example of this mindset. When God meets totally evil people, where few, if any, righteous ones can be found–God wipes them out.

During this age of grace, God seems to be taking a back seat when it comes to intervening in our world affairs. Does it seem like sin is increasing or decreasing? Exactly. When this age of grace ends, is God going to appease evil any longer? Oh no, evil will be out the door.

For the believer, it seems our mindset towards evil people is one of appeasement, one of grace and humility. When it comes to nations and God, they are to exercise force to curtail evil. During the age of grace, God has given this job over to government. As the one world government forms, their stand on evil will get increasingly wimpy and that’s when God will take over. It’s just the way it is, that’s how God set it up, I say we go with it.

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