Has God Forsaken the U.S.?

Bottled water might be a sign of God’s judgment. I mention that mostly in jest, I don’t honestly believe that. It’s a thing called “humor,” which I possess to varying degrees depending on time of day, diet, audience and behavioral characteristics of any children who happen to be around me.

I still think the prophets can tell us what a nation looks like when God gives up on it. There’s nothing new under the sun. Isaiah 3 shows a judgment of God, a sign that God has turned a nation over to its own way. It’s also a characteristic of our nation that continually drives me nuts.

I’ll let Isaiah say it, “as for my people, children are their oppressors and women rule over them.”

In other words, a nation that God has forsaken does not have healthy men leading the way. Instead it has kids and women taking over everything. Every television show or commercial¬†portrays dad’s as idiots, mom’s as the true leader and children as the smartest, most logical people in any given situation.

I could go on, but I doubt I can convey my point accurately enough so I’ll let it sit there. The more I talk the more I’ll say something dumb that will make you ignore my point and not consider it.

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