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William Tyndale was quite the character. His claim to fame is translating the Bible into English. What’s amazing is that he translated it while on the run from people trying to burn him at the stake. What a time to live in and what a work to pursue. Here is a list of biographies I have read on William.

The Life and Work of William Tindale
W. B. Cooper
55 pages
Synopsis: Short recap of Tindale’s life and work, obviously.
Comment: Rated it a 6 out of 10. Too short and the writing was weird. Tyndale seems like an interesting guy but hard to tell from this book.

The Work of William Tyndale
S. L. Greenslade
68 pages
Synopsis: Short biography of Tyndale. Much on Tyndale and Luther on justification by faith. Also much on his mode of translation and his phraseology.
Comment: 7 out of 10. Enjoyable little read. I know more about the translations and Tyndale’s effects on it, not so much more about Tyndale.

William Tyndale
Bruce Fish
202 pages
Synopsis: William Tyndale translated the Greek NT and parts of the Hebrew OT into English so that a ploughman could know more Bible than a Catholic dude. He was burned at the stake for his efforts.
Comment: 9 out of 10. Enjoyed the biography. New, well written, informative, in-depth but not tedious. Fine job.

William Tyndale
J. F. Mozley
342 pages
Synopsis: William Tyndale’s life with more detail. More info and quotes from the arguing he did with the Catholic Guys.
Comment: 7 out of 10. Detailed but didn’t drag too much. A good in-depth biography of a guy we just don’t know much about.

God’s Bestseller
Brian Moynahan
390 pages
Synopsis:Very detailed account of Tyndale but also more on his antagonist Thomas More as well as Henry VIII and his marriage as well as other deals going on against the new-fangled Lutheranism and Evangelicalism.
Comment: 8 out of 10. Very interesting life pretty well told. Does drag in spots and tends to get off subject. Is more of a history of the time and the importance of Tyndale and his work in it.

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  1. now if one could take all the good stuff in all those books and compile a whopper.

    your post is good information for anyone looking to learn more about william tyndale.

    it almost makes me want to know more about this fellow.

  2. I would recommend the last one, God’s Bestseller. it has more information than the others and gives a more comprehensive view of the situation Tyndale worked in. But that’s just me!

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