Peer Pressure

In 1 Samuel 8, Israel wants a king. One of the main reasons why is so they can “be like other nations” and they can go to war and have a king lead them to victory. Israel was called out from the rest of the nations yet wanted to get rid of the called out aspect and be like their neighbors.

So God let them. He even said this would happen back in Deuteronomy 17:14,15. Trying to be like everyone else has always been a problem for God’s people. He calls them to be different and follow different rules, and they just want to be “normal.”

Peer pressure has impacted the church and our lives more than we even realize. I’ll prove it–do you have a lawn? Lawns were an invention that crept into the US around the 1950’s. It was a status symbol, showing that you could waste land and be rich enough to have time to care for grass instead of growing crops. If your neighbor had a big yard and you had a garden, well boy do you look dumb!

How has peer pressure influenced your life in ways you never realized before?

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