Two Views of the Christian Life

Your view of the Christian life will follow your view of how you think you got saved.

If you think you are saved because you “made a decision” you probably think that the Christian life is made up of what “you decide to do.” You won’t take seriously the imperative statements (sometimes known as “commands”) of Scripture, you only take seriously the parts you decide to do.

You don’t think there is any spiritual obligation. You live with your own self being the example: you are the determiner, you are the one with the power, or lack thereof, to do whatever it is you decide you should do, or not.

If, however, you believe you are saved because an actual work of God took place within you, that you are born again, and you are truly in Christ and Christ is in you, then you believe that your Christian life is primarily made up of what Christ has ordained and equipped you to do.

Christ is your example, not you. Christ is the determiner, Christ is the one with the power to do whatever it is He decided you should do.

You know there are obligations for the man in Christ, you know stewards are required to be found faithful. You will not view the impossibility of your flesh deciding to do good, but rather you will view yourself in Christ, how can I not do what is good?

Your view of how you think you got saved will determine your entire Christian life to follow. Make sure your view is consistent with Scripture and reckon it to be true. You must be born again; He said nothing about “you must decide really earnestly.”

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  1. There is a lot of people running around confessing to be Christians, but have no understanding about following Christ, and coming under His authority, and serving in the Kingdom of God.

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